The Ghost Pepper

Bhut Jolokia aka The Ghost Pepper is the spiciest thing you can eat on earth. Now you can grow them in your backyard. I do not take any responsibility for the damage they will do to your stomach.


Soap Sheets & Wipes

Travelon is making soap in paper form with their Soap Sheets. These are ideal for travelers and campers, the dissolve in water, are lightweight and extremely packing friendly. They are available in a variety of soap options as well.

Powertrekk : Hydro Power

Powertrekk and myFC bring you the first hydrogen powered fuel cell. Just add water has taken on a whole new meaning, hit the link for all the technical details.

Brute Force Sandbags

Want to train like a UFC fighter? You are going to need one of the Brute Force Sandbags. Made from 1000D Mil-Spec Cordura nylon they feature comfy grip handles and come with fill bags so you can adjust the weight to your needs. They will not help you learn how to take a round house kick to the face.

Bicycle Cup Holder

we all know how popular bike riding has become and we all know how popular drinking is, it seems only logical that we combine these two things. The Bicycle Cup Holder makes it easy to take that daiquiri down to the French Quarter during Mardi Gras and installs in minutes.


Tokyoflash Optical Illusion Watch

Tokyoflash is the king of making cool digital watches. The Optical Illusion Watch is their newest addition. Like all optical illusions it takes time to train your eyes to be able to see the underlying message, for those of you that don't have the patience there is a button to reveal the time.

Karas Knurled Shaker

The Karas Knurled Shakers get their looks from everyday machinery and are made from solid 6061-T6 aluminum and will last you forever. Hit the link for more info. The rest of the Karas site has some pretty cool stuff on it as well.

Good Grief Glasses

The Good Grief Drinking Glasses let you pour the correct amount of liquor for the corresponding amount of depression and anger. They give you two so you can have an epic movie moment and throw one against a wall in a fit of anger.

Opena iPhone Case

The Opena iPhone Case is your drinking buddy. This is the first case that has a built in bottle opener for those times when you have a beer but no way to open it. The bottle opener combined with Siri should make for some interesting alone time with your phone.

Wine Botas

These Wine Botas are 100% Handmade in Spain by Jesús Blasco. They are the traditional way of carrying your wine around the countryside that dates back to 1899. They are latex lined with a leather outer shell and can be used with liquor, wine, beer and all kinds of mixed drinks. They will hold an entire bottle of wine, hit the link for more info.


Griffin/Dijit Beacon

One device to rule them all. The Beacon turns your iPhone or Android device into a remote control for all of your home entertainment devices. Beacon uses no wires and pairs easily with all your devices, it even has a built in learning for when you purchase that new TV or receiver.

The Spider Holster Black Widow Kit

I don't carry a large DSLR around with me on a regular basis but I do have some photographer friends who would probably love the The Spider Holster Black Widow Kit. This give the term "camera slinger" a whole new meaning, wait, i don't think that's an actual term. Hit the Link for videos and all the details.

Frabjous puzzle/sculpture

Artist George Hart form the Museum of Mathematics brings you the Frabjous puzzle/sculpture . Made out of acrylic plastic the puzzle comes disassembled and your goal is to put it together. Its comes with 30 pieces and is supposedly much harder than it looks.


Petal & Petal Mini

The Mohzy solar powered Petal Lights will make a great addition to any garden, or home walkway. The lights are obviously powered by the sun, and come on at dusk and turn off at sunrise.


The Machook aims to help you keep your overly cluttered desktop, free of headphones. the Machook uses space age adhesive technology they are calling Nano Suction. The Machook is made out of Baltic Birch and is sealed with an all natural wax finish.

USB Wall Plate

With the technology becoming more a part of our everyday lives, it only makes sense to have USB chargers built into your wall sockets. Personally, I think this is a great idea but i feel like i need the USB ports and both of the standard plug outlets.

Vacu Vin Instant Marinator

Your time is valuable and limited, but that doesn't mean you should eat bland food. The Vacu Vin Instant Marinator will force your award winning marinade into meat and veggies in just minutes. The Vacu Vin created a vaccum and forces the pores of the meat or veggies open allowing them to instantly soak in the good stuff.


Gentlemans Hidden Knife

The Gentleman's Hidden Knife features a double hiinged design allowing it to fold up into an inconspicuous little rectangle. It is made of stainless steel and features a belt clip and a carrying case. I will be putting this in my pocket very soon.

Templeton Rye Barrels

I have always wanted a whiskey barrel, although im not sure what i would do with one. Templeton Rye Prohibition Style Whiskey is selling off some of their old barrels, get em while they are available.

iBamboo iPod dock

I dont usually like to link to items on Etsy, mainly because you can never tell if an item is going to be available from day to day. But every once in awhile i come across an item on there I really have to share. The iBamboo iPod dock is is one of those items. In a world of crazy technology where everything requires a plug, this seems like a nice alternative and could be useful on the beach or fishing or any outdoor activity where electricity is not an option.

Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser

All you have to do is flip the switch on the Switch Salt and Pepper Dispenser. The bottom slides open for easy refilling and is available from MoMA.


Smoke Jumper Kevlar Belt

The Kevlar Smoke Jumper Belt is made by a 136 year old small textile company in New Jersey. The strap is resisitant to just about any element you can throw at it and the buckle is a hot forged alloy steel that can support up to 2500lbs. This belt will last longer than your life, so pass it on to your kid.

Just a Slice Cake Pan

The Just a Slice Cake Pan lets you eat cake and still stick to your new years resolutions, sort of. Portion control is critical to shedding those pounds and if you love cake, then this portion control cake pan will help you out, just remember you're still eating cake.

Withings Baby Monitor

The Withings Baby Monitor is the latest everyday item to be revolutionized by the iphone. This baby monitor uses camera technology to send video of your child in their room directly to your phone. The camera has a high resolution feed, can be moved around the room and zoomed in and out. It also has high quality sound so you never miss a thing going on in the room. It could also double as a nanny cam for all the parents out there to spy on your baby sitters.

Cold Steel Leatherneck Series

Cold Steel has released their new Leatherneck Series of fixed blade knifes. Inspired by, and built for the marines they feature a German 4116 steel blade with a non-reflective coating. The full tang is wrapped by their signature Kraton® plastic and is capped with a steel but plate. Hit the link for all the details!


Shure SE215 review

Like millions of other people in this world I sit at a computer for a living, 5 days a week, all year long. Being tethered to a desk  can definitely get repetitive so having a decent set of headphones is a necessity. In the past,  I have had the opinion that a decent set of headphones can usually be purchased for $50, this is generally not true. I am not a Dj or a pro audio person but I do appreciate quality sound. That being said I ditched my old Sennheiser earbuds this weekend and picked up a set of Shure SE215 buds. I know I am not the first person to review these earbuds as they have been out for quite awhile, but I thought I would give everyone my opinion on them. 

I will start with a few basic specs on them, they feature a Dynamic MicroDriver, detachable cable, several sound isolating sleeve options which will block up to 37db of noise, and are available in black or clear. I wont bore you with all the technical information, if you are interested in that, hit the link above and you can check up on it. 

The sound produced by these little buds is great. they have nice clear highs and mids and the bass is deep. The bass is really impressive for them being so small. The one thing i will say is, you need to have a tight fit in the ear canal for the bass to be heard. If there are any gaps in the fit, you will not get the deep bass they are capable of. I can also say there is little or no cable noise. That brings me to fit and comfort. The fit on these buds definitely takes some getting use to. The SE215's are set up to have the cable go behind the ear. I actually had to go online and find a picture of someone wearing them to figure out how the placement was supposed to look. If you purchase them, this will definitely take some getting use to. I will say once you figure out the fit, they are very secure. I have not tried working out with them yet but i believe they will stay firmly in place.

The Shure SE215's are a nice earbud for the money (under $100). They have great sound, but take a little getting use to in terms of fit. I would definitely recommend them if you are someone who takes your sound quality seriously but doesn't want to break the bank to have that quality. Thanks for reading.


Scottevest Cotton Hoodie review - Coming Soon!

I recently ordered the Cotton Hoodie from Scottevest. I am really excited about finding a hoodie that is so inconspicuous on the outside and that has so many cool features on the inside. I will be sure and give a full write up once I receive it so check back!

Byzero Studio Digital Pen

I recently have become very interested in all the stylus options popping up for the touch screen devices we all love. I really believe that at some point in the future this will be how all artists will sketch and how all business people take meeting notes. With that said I want to keep sharing the styluses i find in my internet browsing with everyone. The latest one I have come across is the Byzero Studio Digital Pen, is currently only working with the Byzero apps but has some great features like palm rejection technology and real paper feel styluses. Personally I am really hoping Wacom comes out with something similar in the future but universally compatible with all apps.


IWC Schaffhausen Pilot's Watch

IWC Schaffhausen brings you the Pilot's Watch. The last thing I probably need is a new watch, but this one might just have to make it into my collection. IWC has taken a note from the 1940's when the watches used by pilots were of the highest possible precision and the most important things on the face were the seconds and minutes. The case is made of ceramic and zirconium oxide and the face is a matte anthracite. There was quite a bit of thought put into this watch, hit the link above for all the information.

No-Staple Stapler

The No-Staple Stapler fastens two to four sheets of paper together (depending on paper thickness) just like an ordinary stapler, but with no metal staples—in fact, with no staples at all. Click the link to learn more about how it works.


Capacitive Tip

The ACME Studio Capacitive Tip turns your pen into a stylus for your touch screen devices. It does appear that you need to have their pen in order to use it though. It's still a cool idea.

Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera

The Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera features a 16 megapixel camera integrated with the Android mobile operating system. This camera is aimed at letting you easily manipulate your photos and get them online as quickly and easily as possible. It also connects to the Google Android market with access to all their apps. Click the link to learn more.

Spare One Phone

The Spare One phone is your go to phone when your iphone falls in the toilet or your new droid some how gets smashed by a hammer. This phone runs on 1 single AA battery, holds a charge from that battery for 15 years and has up to 10 hours of talk time. Coming soon to a mobile carrier near you.

SMN Armenia Papers

The SMN Armenia Papers are a cool old way to make your space smell good. The papers date back to the 16th century and smell of frankincense and myrrh. Simply fold one of the pieces of paper into an accordion shape and light an end, when you blow out the flame the paper will slowly burn like a standard incense stick. They can also be used without burning and kept in drawers or wherever you like.


Human Time Project - HTP1 review

After a few months of eager anticipation, I received my watch from The Human Time Project. My HTP1 arrived just before Christmas so I haven't had a chance to write up a proper review until now. I will refer to The Human Time Project from this point forward as HTP as shown on the watch face. I want to first talk about the customer service over at HTP. I emailed them quite a few times inquiring about the status of my purchase (yes, i am that annoying customer). My emails were always responded to within 24 hours and were always met with a friendly courteous response and update. I don't know for sure, but I believe I was one of the first people to order one of the HTP1 watches. Being one of the first, and very patient customers, I was afforded the option to receive the HTP-Black Hawk version. This was a very pleasant surprise as I really like the look of this special edition. For those of you who haven't seen it, it has black tipped hands rather than the standard white. My original order was for the orange band and the guys also included an extra black strap for their holiday special. 

I'll start by saying the feel of this watch is great. This is my first large face watch, it is 46mm across and 50mm if you include the bezel. At first I was a bit intimidated by its size but after wearing it around some, I have gotten use to it. The weight on the wrist is really perfect, it is not so heavy that it causes fatigue and not so light that you forget its there. The Quartz movement has been keeping perfect time and date thus far. I am a watch collector and have watches from other larger companies where the second hand does not fall on the second hand lines on the face. The HTP does not have this problem, really flawless movement. I have several watches with nato straps, and the ones that came with the HTP1 are nice and beefy and feel like they will last a good while without needing replacement. Overall the HTP1 is great looking, the face is understated, simple and easy to read.

Being the opinionated person that I am, there are always things I would change on any product. The one feature I do wish the HTP1 came with is some sort of illumination for reading it at night or in low light situations. I also would love to see some leather band options for the HTP1 as I think a leather strap with contrast stitching would be a nice option for dressing it up a little. Maybe this will be an accessory add-on in the future.

Overall, I highly recommend HTP, the price is great for a great watch, the customer service was outstanding and the cause makes spending money in a tough economy all the more worth it.

mophie juice pack air

The mophie juice pack air, gives you that extra bit of battery life you are wanting from your new iphone. I have seen quite a few of these in the wild and this one seems to be the thinnest of all of them. In addition to being a protective cover for your phone it also provides up to 36 extra hours of audio and nine extra hours of video.

Microplane Easy Prep Meat Tenderizer

I really love Microplane and their products, in my opinion they make great stuff. It looks like the Easy Prep Meat Tenderizer will be no exception. It uses aggressive etched blades to break down and soften the any cut of meat you can throw at it, and the cover fits in the handle when in use.

20 Audio Amplifier

The 20 Audio Amplifier for Airport Express is the newest offering from Griffin. This little piece of technology lets you hook up those old speakers you own, to your itunes, no amplifier necessary. This would be perfect for the garage or man cave where you keep the college speakers hidden from the wife.

Coachella Lineup

Coachella announces a lineup so huge it takes place over two weekends.


Brown Bag Co Alpine Duffel Bag

The Brown Bag Co Alpine Duffel Bag is the new heavy duty bag made to carry your tools on the job site. This beast is brought to you by Home Depot and has tons of pockets, reinforced corners and multiple carrying options.

GLO nightlight

The GLO nightlight is the nightlight we all wish we had as a kid. the balls light up and are removable so you can play with them, or carry them around for light in the middle of the night. Hit the link for more info.


MAGIS LA VALISE will protect your stuff! This metal briefcase/document case/portfolio case is heavy duty and looks good too. Hit the link for more info and the meaning of the name.