A home cooked meal during the zombie apocalypse is now a reality. The Global Sun Oven with its built in thermometer reaches temperatures of 400 degrees using the power of the almighty sun. The Sun Oven has even been tested and proven in 0 degree temperatures on Mt. Everest, what more can you ask for? Hit the link for all the info. 

The ZBoard

The ZBoard is the worlds first weight sensing electric skateboard. To accelerate you simple press down on the front foot pad and to brake you press on the rear foot pad. I am basically trying to figure out if this thing will do highway speeds in lieu of the upcoming gas price hike.

OPMOD Battle Mug

I'm not really sure what to say about the OPMOD Battle Mug. I guess all the mall ninjas need something to mountain dew out of.


The Key Cloud

The Key Cloud is a small magnetic key holder that provides a convenient quick place to store your keys. It has 3 magnets which allow for 3 sets of keys, I'm not sure of the magnet strength or if it will hold your enormous jersey shore key chain but it definitely looks cool on your wall.

Joseph Joseph Nesting Utensils

I personally have a big metal container full of wooden spoons and spatulas sitting on top of my stove. I think they may be replaced with this set of Nesting Utensils from Joseph Joseph. The utensils are made from are made from toughened nylon, are heat-resistant up to 240°C/464F. The set includes a Slotted Spatula, Spaghetti Server, Slotted Spoon, Solid Spoon and a Ladle.

Planet Dog Wood Chuck Dog Toy

The Planet Dog Wood Chuck Dog Toy is a sustainable dog ball throwing stick. This thing is made from sustainable bamboo & reused cork scraps. Basically when your dog decides the ball thrower is more fun to chew on than the actual ball, you dont need to worry if the 1lb of plastic will make it poop rainbow colors for a week.

Adoboloco Jalapeno Sauce

The Adoboloco® Jalapeño Sauce has about the same kick as Tabasco and will add that unique flavor you have been looking for to your next dish. Go get some!

Beater Whisk

The Beater Whisk is looking to save you some space. When you pull the sliding ring down the tines this whisk becomes as compact as cigar tube. We all have enough kitchen utensils cluttering up drawers in our kitchen, the Beater Whisk is going to provide one less headache when you find yourself digging around looking for that Potato Ricer.


Cinemagram is taking your photos to the next level. This new app for the iphone allows you to merge video and still photos and allows you to animate part of your photo for that fun animated gif look. Hit the link for the download.


The Terrorist Tea Pot

I know this item probably isn't very politically correct but with so few people reading this blog, i don't think it will matter. The Terrorist Tea Pot holds 50oz of liquid and the terrorist mask keeps everything warm while you drink.

Kisai Stencil LCD Watch

The Kisai Stencil LCD Watch is the latest release from Tokyoflash. This watch features a stainless case with a leather strap and the face shows the time using negative space. These are limited edition so get em while you can.

The 50 Cal. Bottle Opener

If you know me, you know i love guns, so you also know this will soon be my new bottle opener. There isnt much detail to give accept that its a 50 caliber bullet converted into a bottle opener, you know you want one.

XDModo Solar Window Charger

The XDModo Solar Window Charger uses a suction cup to attach itself to any window and suck up that precious sunlight and charge your devices. The image shows it attached to an iPhone but I believe it can be used with any device. Hit the link for all the details.

Urban Nomad Pliable coat-hanger

The Urban Nomad Pliable coat-hanger is the world first travel coat hanger. I love to see innovation around every day objects and the Pliable coat-hanger is a great example of this. It folds up to be only 7cm and expands to 40cm. It will fit in your pocket, glove compartment or suitcase.

The AppCrayon Stylus

Tablet use by children has been proven to aid in learning, now you can help your kids learn to write. The AppCrayon Stylus is a kid friendly crayon shaped stylus to help your developing child learn to write and color and navigate through all the apps on their touch screen tablets. We as parents cannot let the ancient art of writing be pushed aside for the liberal left technology called touch screens. lol hit the link for more info.


Letter Opener Made of Old Letters

The blade of the Letter Opener Made of Old Letters is constructed of 100% post consumer recycled paper and cashew shells. The handle is made of local grown poplar wood and is also a sustainable product. Not only is this thing environmentally conscious but it looks cool too.

GunnerCase for iPhone 4S/4

The GunnerCase for iPhone 4S/4 was inspired by the recoil pads used on shotguns. When your phone is dropped the case is designed to collapse around your device and distribute the shock of the impact. This case has more features than any case I have seen on the market without all of the bulk, hit the link for all the juicy details.

Gerber Steady Tool

The Gerber Steady Tool will allow you to re-create all of your favorite Survivorman episodes. This unique multitool comes with all of the standard tool options but adds in the benefit of the camera bi-pod. The Gerber Steady Tool will accommodate your basic point and shoot camera, camera phone and dslr cameras.

POC Spine Ergo BUG Armor

The POC Spine Ergo BUG Armor protects your spine when you bail on your backside rodeo. This back saving device is specially curved to accomodate the natural curve of your spine. The BUG Armor is made of interlocking injected polypropylene panels that have heat releasing breathable air induction system built in. Hit the link for all the details.

Jason Markk x Vice Jet Set Kit

I'm not big on kicks, I usually opt for a more rugged look like boots, but i know there is a huge market for sneaker collectors. With all those sneakers out there i know its important to keep hem clean, Jason Markk has put together the Jet Set Kit to help you with all the scuff marks. The kit comes with sneaker cleaning solution, 2 brushes and comes housed in a Dj needle box. Each kit is numbered and they are limited so get em while you can.


Great Balls of Fire

Timmy's Great Balls of Fire have over 1 million SHU of heat. These jawbreakers make Atomic Fireballs look like pickled beets. They are infused with the Ghost Chili Pepper with a light dusting of Ghost Chili on the outside. Only the brave need to click the link.

Suunto Elementum Ventus

I have been looking at getting a Suunto watch for awhile now and think i have finally found "the one". The Suunto Elementum Ventus is tailored for the avid sailor, even though i'm not one of those, i do appreciate the leather strap and the clean interface design.

Jeep Action Camper

Take your camping experience to the next level with the Jeep Action Camper. This camper slides on the back of your jeep, it features room for two people, a small kitchen setup for cooking and a pop up roof for safe viewing of wildlife. The Action Camper is not a cheap addition but it comes with a lot of features, hit the link for all the info.

Tom Cecil Flask

The Tom Cecil angular flask will take your weekend boozing to another level in style. These flasks are hand made to order and have a wait time of anywhere from 2-8 weeks. they are available in several finishes for every taste.

Reactor Poseidon LE

The Reactor Poseidon is a very limited edition dive watch of only 500 pieces. This watch is for the serious divers out there with a depth rating of 1000M. The Poseidon has dual rotating bezels and a super bold and luminous face for easy reading under any conditions. A few of the other features include a self charging quartz movement and interchangeable bracelet and rubber strap with a wetsuit expander. Hit the link for more info.


Sombrero Juicer

With St. Patricks Day right around the corner I can see plenty of devious uses for the Sombrero Juicer. This will help all of you take your water bottle mixed drink concoctions to the next level with fresh fruit.

Hankie Pocketbook

The pocket square is a necessity for those wishing to take "dressing up" to the next level. The Hankie Pocketbook finally makes use of an otherwise useless piece of clothing. Now if they will just invent a neck tie that doubles as a fountain pen all the useless men's accessories will be validated.

The Beba Toy

Your furry friend deserves a new toy, The Beba Toy is the worlds first dog toy to incorporate a squeaker and a treat dispenser. These chew toys are color coded for different causes, each one you buy they send a portion of the proceeds to a great cause like breast cancer.

HEX Vision Classic Leather Watchband for iPod nano

I think its funny how apple has embraced using the iPod nano as a watch. The HEX Vision Classic Leather Watchband not only sports the longest name for a watch band ever, but also has that classic JCrew look to complement your preppy office look.

Well Rounded Sound Speakers

Well Rounded Sound Speakers are implementing great styling with great sound. They feature full range drivers, solid aluminum machined phase plugs (not sure what those are but they sound cool), and sustainable speaker housings made of bamboo.
phase plug

Schofield Signalman wrist watch

The Schofield Signalman wrist watches are being produced in very limited editions, which may make them hard to get for most of us. But the watches are so freaking cool looking I had to post a link for everyone to drool over. They feature Automatic Swiss Soprod 9335 movement, Rhodium plated, pearlage decoration, blued screws, shark skin straps and much much more, hit the link for more info.


Free Key

I cant believe we are in the year 2012 and this is the first innovation around the standard keyring we have seen. The Free Key takes a frustrating every day carry item and transforms it into something easy to use. Just press the side of the key ring and it opens up for easy key removal. Its so simple and I will be changing over to this very very soon.

Hudson Bay Axe

The Hudson Bay Axe is tailored for the camper or hiker with an overall weight of 2lbs and a size that is ideal for packing. This axe provides enough umph to get all of your wood chopping done. The handle is made of Grade "A" Appalachian hickory and the blade is made of 5160 alloy steel and has been tempered to Rc 50-54 to hold an edge. hit the link for all the details.

Human Republic Slim Money Clip

I am not a huge money clip fan as I always feel that they dont really have enough room for the essential things I need. The Slim money clip might be a game changer. This clip provides a space for your cards and stores your cash, and it does it with a nice metal look. Pre-orders are already spoken for but more will be available soon.

SKLZ Shoot-Around

I wold have killed for a SKLZ Shoot-Around when i was a kid. I use to spend hours in the dirveway shooting hoops and it was always such a beating to have to chase errant basketballs around the yard. This is a great invention for all those kids who have dreams of being Kobe.

JOOS Orange

The JOOS Orange is probably the toughest solar charger you will find on the market. It is waterproof and does extremely well in low light conditions and will provide power even in the rain. there are far too many interesting features to list here so hit the link for more info.


Cobra iRadar

As humans slowly make the move to use their phones for everything the Cobra iRadar doesn't want to be left behind. This radar detector alerts you to red light cameras, known speed traps and dangerous intersections. Never mind all the fatality statistics about people using their phones while driving, this is a great idea.

Motörhead Shiraz

Now you can toast  Lemmy properly with the Motörhead Shiraz. With its notes of diesel fuel and whiskey, this pairs really nicely with a Slayer Smoked Salami and the Judas Priest Parmesan cheese.


With record snowfall predicted for Colorado I thought I would celebrate with a link to Beardski. Now you can look like a yeti when you hit the slopes, though i have a feeling these will be more popular at the local bars.

Rickshaw Laptop Sleeve

The Rickshaw Laptop Sleeve features a light weight padding and comes in a variety of cool tweed herringbone colors. These are made to order right here in the U.S. so you can feel good about helping to keep Americans paying taxes. Currently they only make them for the 13" macbook and macbook pro but im sure there will be other sizes available soon.


EES-SP021 Bluetooth Speaker

The EES-SP021 Bluetooth Speaker measures in at only six inches long with an one-and-a-half inch diameter. The speaker connects via your built in phone bluetooth connection and has up to 20 hours of playback time via the internal rechargeable batteries.

X-mini™ II Capsule Speaker™

The X-mini™ II Capsule Speaker™is taking portable sound to new levels. They feature their bass xpansion system, rechargeable batteries and the buddy link up system, hit the link for more info.


BioLite CampStove

The BioLite CampStove might be one of the coolest camping gadgets I have seen. this camp stove boils water, heats up food and charges your iPhone using the twigs you find around your camp site. No more messy fuel to fuss with, the BioLite Campstove converts the heat from the fire into useable electricity, really this is ideal for the end of the world too.

Pack-Away Bucket

Yes, im blogging about a bucket, but not just any bucket, the Pack-Away Bucket folds in on itself for easy storage. I know its just a bucket but its unique enough that it deserves some attention.

Porta Pro On-Ear Headphones

Koss brings you the Porta Pro On-Ear Headphones. They are made from Mylar which is very ridgid reduces external noise from movement and makes them very light weight. They also feature a comfort zone adjustment on the temporal pad for perfecting their fit.These headphones are a re-design from the originals first introduced in 1984, Koss has preserved the original look of the headphones but has updated the components used, to bring them into the 21st century. They deliver deep bass with their oxygen free copper coils and they come with a lifetime warranty. If you are looking for a new pair of portable headphones you cant go wrong with these bad boys. Go get a pair!

Switchpop Bottle Opener

The Gamago Switchpop Bottle Opener opens and locks like a classic switchblade, this will go great with your leather biker jacket and hair pomade.

Chick-a-dee ®! Smoke Detector

I am so glad to see some innovative design attention being given to the boring old smoke detector. The Chick-a-dee ®! Smoke Detector is going to chirp you (85db) when it smells smoke. Its available in a variety of colors to go with any decor.

NOVO Watches

As you are all aware, I love watches. My newest watch obsession is the NOVO Watch line, more specifically the STREET in black. This watch does away with the typical moving hands of a watch and moves the number disc to the stationary hands. They have several unique designs and all of them are at a very reasonable price less than $200 for most of them.