Shure SE215 review

Like millions of other people in this world I sit at a computer for a living, 5 days a week, all year long. Being tethered to a desk  can definitely get repetitive so having a decent set of headphones is a necessity. In the past,  I have had the opinion that a decent set of headphones can usually be purchased for $50, this is generally not true. I am not a Dj or a pro audio person but I do appreciate quality sound. That being said I ditched my old Sennheiser earbuds this weekend and picked up a set of Shure SE215 buds. I know I am not the first person to review these earbuds as they have been out for quite awhile, but I thought I would give everyone my opinion on them. 

I will start with a few basic specs on them, they feature a Dynamic MicroDriver, detachable cable, several sound isolating sleeve options which will block up to 37db of noise, and are available in black or clear. I wont bore you with all the technical information, if you are interested in that, hit the link above and you can check up on it. 

The sound produced by these little buds is great. they have nice clear highs and mids and the bass is deep. The bass is really impressive for them being so small. The one thing i will say is, you need to have a tight fit in the ear canal for the bass to be heard. If there are any gaps in the fit, you will not get the deep bass they are capable of. I can also say there is little or no cable noise. That brings me to fit and comfort. The fit on these buds definitely takes some getting use to. The SE215's are set up to have the cable go behind the ear. I actually had to go online and find a picture of someone wearing them to figure out how the placement was supposed to look. If you purchase them, this will definitely take some getting use to. I will say once you figure out the fit, they are very secure. I have not tried working out with them yet but i believe they will stay firmly in place.

The Shure SE215's are a nice earbud for the money (under $100). They have great sound, but take a little getting use to in terms of fit. I would definitely recommend them if you are someone who takes your sound quality seriously but doesn't want to break the bank to have that quality. Thanks for reading.

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