Coffee Joulies

I'm more of an energy drink type of person, but if I did drink coffee I would own some of these Coffee Joulies. They help to cool down your hot coffee by absorbing the heat from it, they then release the heat back into your drink slowly to help keep it warm for hours. Now if they could make one for cold drinks, wait, i think that's called ice.

Quirky Stem

The typical juicer has been around for a very long time, we all know that it was due for an upgrade. SO today you should pick up the Quirky Stem. This simple little device plugs into your favorite piece of citrus and allows you to spray all of the great juice stored inside them. I do see the benefits of this little device for your culinary adventures but i think there are some alcoholic possibilities here too.


Munito Billets

I personally think my Shure SE215's are probably the best sounding earbuds I have ever owned, but they have nothing on the Munito Billets when it comes to style. These earbuds are modeled after 9mm bullets and have an in-line mic for use with your favorite phone. They come with a two year warranty and available in a variety of finishes.

Carbon Fiber Daggers

Carbon Fiber Gear brings you some super kick ass spy stealth knifes with their Carbon Fiber Daggers. These slick looks daggers are straight out of a Mission Impossible movie, they are 100% carbon fiber and are 100% made in the USA, hit the link for all the details.

The Iphone Shutter Remote

Photojojo never ceases to amaze me with their kick ass iPhone peripherals. Photojojo now brings you the iPhone remote shutter. The remote shutter comes with a built in stand so you don't have to tote around that clumsy mini tripod. I'm sure the amateur iPhone photographer is going to love this thing.

White & White analog LED clock

The White and White LED clock wants to hang out with you. Throw out your old grandfather clocks and cheap ass IKEA wall clock and get something with some style. This would look great on any wall or hanging in any factory production line. It has an alarm and is backlit and runs off of batteries or plugs into the wall.


Kebo One Handed Bottle Opener

Kebo is taking party multitasking to a whole new level. Their one handed bottle opener leaves your other hand free to...do whatever. It is cast out of stainless steel and polished to a high shine. Get one and leave the bic lighter at home, this tool is much cooler than that trick.


Times are tough, especially for those people who cant seem to hold on to a pair of sunglasses. If you are one of those people its time for you to invest in some Knockarounds. These shades will only set you back about $19 shipped and come in a million color options. You can even use their interface to customize a pair for a bit more money. The best thing is, you wont kick yourself when you leave them at the bar, your dog chews them up, you drop them off the boat etc...get a pair and protect your eyeballs.

S&W Tactical Pen with Fire Striker

Smith and Wesson's new tactical pen is taking writing instruments to another level. This pen can take notes, kill zombies and now start a camp fire. This pen is machined out of 6061 hard anodized aluminum and uses common ink cartridges that can be purchased at any office supply store.

Innovation Factory Trucker's Friend

Innovation Factory is going mid-evil on your ass with the new Trucker's Friend. This war hammer is the ultimate multi tool for today's discerning trucker, it features a hacking edge, nail puller, pry bar, tow hook chain retreiver and many other tools. It comes backed by a lifetime warranty and can be stored in your honda civic too.

Marshall Fridge Amp

The man cave needs a Marshall Mini Fridge Amp. I never thought I would live to see the day when Marshall started making home appliances, but I am sure glad I did. this is a great looking addition to any room that your wife will let you decorate. This thing is energy star compliant and yes, it goes to 11.


Dead On Annihilator Superhammer

The Dead On Annihilator Superhammer, Hammers, pulls, pries, bashes, smashes, and opens bottles!It is the perfect tool for those daily chores around the house, you will have to buy two because your girlfriend will steal yours.

Scrabble Typography Edition

Scrabble has been taken to a new level with the Typography Edition. With the advent of the portable gaming device and the A.D.D. nature of today's youth, board games have all but gone away. This new edition of Scrabble is so beautifully done it may make you want to sit down and play with some friends that are actually sitting in the same room as you.

SNAP Skateboard

Finally! someone has invented a folding skateboard. Although i think the SNAP Skateboard is a cool concept for the traveling skater, I cant help but think to myself, isn't the skateboard inherently dangerous as it is? Do we really need built in break points that could snap closed while riding? It's definitely unique but you wont catch me on one anytime soon.

The New Rebar from Leatherman

The new Leatherman Rebar gives a nod to its better known counterparts, the Super Tool® 300 and Micra® with a very similar look. The pliers on this bad boy have been optimized for strength and feature a removable wire cutter that can be replaced when dull. Leatherman has manged to pack in 17 tool options into this tool that is 3" wide that a lot of bang for your buck.


Third Rock Fire Pit

I am of the opinion that the Third Rock Fire Pit is a pretty cool piece of art for the back yard. But I could also see how this could be interpreted as being macabre, which may be perfect for the doomsday bunker builders out there.

Arsenal Double Barrel Pistol

The Arsenal Double Barrel pistol will win the war against the zombies in the upcoming apocalypse. This pistol is made from 2 Colt 1911-A1's fused together, it looks crazy but supposedly shoots great groups. This pistol shoots the .45acp caliber so there is no lack of stopping power, and I don't recommend this for a CCW weapon.

Harry Winston Opus 12

I think the Harry Winston Opus 12 might be the most expensive watch we have ever featured on Brainspin. This watch rings in at just about $280k and is limited to 120pcs. I put my order in for 2 of them so its now limited to 118pcs. But seriously, the details on this thing are crazy, the hour and 1/12th of an hour (five-minutes) display via a rotating, double-hand system. Every Change of the hour is animated by the hour hands. It has a power reserve indicator and many other things I feel like i would have to see to understand..hit the link for all the details.


Schwood X Bushmills Whiskey

I have always loved the look of Schwood Wayfarer but unfortunately the Wayfarer doesnt really fit my face. I have to say the Schwood collab with Bushmills whiskey really has me wanting a pair. They are made from genuine White Oak Bushmills Irish whiskey barrels and are handcrafted in thier Portland, Oregon woodshop. They have quality lenses as well, hit the link for all the details.

Holloway Skate Shades LE

Holloway has released a limited edition series of shades just in time for spring. The sunglasses have classic lines and shapes and are made from used skate decks. They are available in a variety of shapes and no two pairs are the same. Get em while they last.


Tentsile is looking to elevate your camping experience. Tentsile offers the beneficial comfort of a hammock with the accommodation capacity of a multi-person tent. All the info can be found after the jump. hot chick not included with purchase.

Peary & Henson Aftershave

I'm not really sure there are many guys who still use after shave, it might be an old man thing. But I had to post the Peary & Henson Aftershave because of the description of the product after the jump. I highly doubt the guys on the boat that reached the North Pole in 1909 smelled anything like this stuff.


I know all of you out there have been waiting with baited breath for someone to update the classic green Army Man. Toyboarders has finally delivered with their mini green skateboarders in 8 different poses. I can check this off my things to buy in 2012.


Lazerwood Veneer

Lazerwood brings you the a wooden veneer skin for your Beats headphones. These skins are made from real wood and are available in a couple of different wood finishes. They do take some patience to install and get put on straight but the results are pretty cool looking.

Photojojo iPhone Carabiner Clip

Photojojo is at it again with their newest release, the iPhone Carabiner Clip. this little accessory screws into the bottom of your iPhone and provides you the ability to clip your phone to your bag or helps to keep track of your keys. The clip is heavy duty plastic and the strap portion is thick leather. Hit the link for more pictures and info.

Food Fighters - Retro Toy Soldier Food Picks

Food Fighters are taking your h'orderves to the next level. These are perfect for manly snacks like steak and mashed potatoes. Get some!

Bodum Tea For One

If you are a tea fanatic but dont want to brew a whole pot of the stuff, you need the Tea for One glass by Bodum. The Tea for One glass works just like other tea infusers allowing for loose leaf teas to be brewed on a single serving level. This is a great idea for families that like different flavors of teas or someone who just has time for one glass.


help I've Cut Myself Marrow Registry

I know you're thinking, why is Brainspin featuring help band aids on its blog. Well these band aids come with a bone marrow registration kit. The next time you cut yourself, we all know how clumsy you are, put a drop of blood on the registration kit included with these band aids and mail it in to the company. Once you send in your blood , they may find that you are a match to someone in need of a marrow transplant that you can help. Hit the link for all the info, you can register without buying the band aids as well.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor

The Withings Smart Baby Monitor is the latest is child monitoring and nanny cams. The baby monitor shoots a direct feed to your iPhone over any internet connection, any place you are. The camera has 3-megapixel high definition video sensor, a wide angle lens and motion sensing technology. There are way too many features for me to list here but I think its definitely worth the expensive price tag it comes with.

The Phillips DC390/37 dual docking station

Phillips is looking to simplify your docking station setup with the DC390/37 dual docking station. This dock is the first I have seen that will simultaneously charge your iPhone/iPod and iPad. The DC390/37 comes with a remote so you can control the music playing out of the Neodymium speaker driver and also works as an alarm clock. This dock has lots of great features, hit the link for all the details.


The day has finally arrived, you can finally open your beer with your phone. Intoxicase has integrated a bottle opener into your iPhone case, watch out Incase the guys at Intoxicase are coming for your profit margins.