The Wrap

If you travel you know how much of a beating it is to deal with all the freaking cords that control and charge your electronics. The Wrap will help you keep a wrap on your iPhone charger. This little piece of plastic plugs into the back of the charger, and provides a place to wrap your cords up. Go get yourself organized dammit.

SOG F01T Tactical Tomahawk

Damn, I love a good killin axe, and SOG will have you crakin skulls in no time with their F01T Tactical Tomahawk. This death dealing hunk of metal, glass and plastic features a 420 stainless steel head with a black oxide coating which cuts down on reflectivity. The handle has a steel ferrule to prevent splitting and is glass re-enforced. Better to have one and not need one than need one and not have one.

Quirky Props

Here is a another one of those things I wish I had thought of, the Quirky Props keep your earbuds close and your music closer. I don't own these yet but I can see how they would be ideal for athletes and commuters, or anyone who just loves to listen to music on the go. Its only a matter of time before Apple includes these with their iPods.

K-9 Float Coat

I have been wanting a paddle board for quite awhile and day dream about me and my dog cruising around the area lakes on one. This is a cool fantasy, but reality is, my dog is more of a sinker than a swimmer. I came across the K-9 Float Coat today and am excited to think my dream of dad and dog lake day may come true. This cool little life vest has reflective surfaces for easy spotting and a handle to help your pup back on your flotation device of choice.

Craftsman Figure Eight Wrench

I am always looking for ways to streamline my tool box and the Craftsman Figure Eight Wrench gets me one step closer to my goal. This bad ass wrench provides 8 wrenches in 1 handy tool. The wrenches will work with 6pt, 12pt, 4pt, spline, external torx, and partially rounded hex fasteners in sizes 1/4 thru 3/4". As always Craftsman comes with a lifetime warranty, but you will never need to use it.


Zepp GolfSense Sensor

Ok, im not much of a golfer but I have plenty of friends who love the sport, so I thought I would share the Zepp Golfsense today. This little device clips to your golf glove and gives you a full 3D, real-time, breakdown of your swings and gives you instant feedback on where you need to improve. Images are displayed on your iPad or iPhoone for easy viewing. If this post in any way helps you make it to the PGA and make millions of dollars, i will be collecting a small referral fee from you.

MasterLock 1500eDBX

I knew it was only a matter of time before the digital age reached the classic padlock. The MasterLock 1500eDBX is the most advanced way to secure your lunch in your locker. This lock can be programmed with multiple codes for different guests and features all the strength of their classic locks with a Boron carbide shackle. They only downfall for it is it cannot get wet, or be fed after midnight, its the Gremlin of the padlock world.

Sparc MGS

The Sparc MGS only survives if you keep moving. This cool looking watch is made by a company called Ventura which is the creator of the Automatic Digital Watch. This thing features some really cool technology including rotary masses and micro generators which all work in unison to keep you on time. The mechanisim behind this watch is so cool they had to show it to you via a second view port.


Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit

I just couldn't resist posting about this zombie survival kit. I think the concept of zombies is so freakin ridiculous, but retail is capitalizing on the idea and there is definitely some cool stuff in this kit. So if you have an extra $24,000 laying around, click the link and get prepared for all the face eaters out there. Edit: for 24k my zombie kit better come with guns and ammo, this one does not..fail.

Garmin Fenix

Garmin, the leaders in GPS navigation are making sure you never get lost again. They have brought all of the navigational tools you have come to love in your car, to your wrist with the Garmin Fenix. This watch retails for around $400 which is comparable to some of their competition, its waterproof and syncs up with your computer for all your mapping needs. Oh, and it has a compass, watch out iPhone.

Defender 2012 Special Edition

I have been a fan of the Land Rover Defender for a very long time, its unfortunate that writing a blog doesn't pay better, or I might be able to afford one. With that said, I had to post about the 2012 Defender Special Edition. These Defenders come in 2 special ed. colors Nara Bronze and Orkney Gray, black roof and black wheels. They have been updated to a 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel engine and a standard transmission. They are still only available in the UK but stay tuned to Brainspin for the new release in 2015.

Growers Cup

I don't drink much coffee during the summer months, but i know its a year-round necessity for most of you out there. Growers Cup is making it so much easier to get that perfect cup of coffee anywhere you can get hot water. So ditch that coffee machine and boil up some water and pour it in their bag, the bag provides the perfect contact of water to the coffee grounds for a wonderfully aromatic brew. The simple technology isn't the only thing great about the Growers Cup, their grounds are selected from the top 1% of coffee in the world and only come from "single estate" growers. Perfect for your next back country trip.


Ok, back in the day, I invented about 10 different household items that could be used to stash "things" but i never came up with something as cool as the iStash. This is the undisputed champion of stash spot/boxes, I can just see all the people at Cupertino scrambling to add a compass to it.



If you are one of the people who simply cannot hold on to your phone or tablet, you need to pick up a Flygrip. This little plastic clip securely attaches itself to your device and gives you that extra finger clip to keep that slick new device from crashing to the ground and causing you to have to pull out your old Razr phone.

Hard Graft

Given the industry I work in, I am very picky about the accessories I carry. With that said you should believe me when I say Hard Graft makes some of the best looking, best constructed, timeless and classic pieces you are likely to come across. I have not posted many of their products on here but I think it is time to introduce my small amount of readers to their greatness. The item shown above is their new iPhone case with card holder. All of their items are 100% handmade in italy and use 100% all natural products. Pick up one of their wallets or bags today and you will not be sorry.

BaseCamp Refrigerator

I have been drooling over the Yeti coolers ever since they came out, but alas, I cannot justify spending that kind of money on a cooler. Today I came across the beast known as the BaseCamp Refrigerator and think the price is worth the prize. If you are a car camper then you need one of these, this plugs into your 12V DC power while you are driving and then can be switched to 120V (standard plugs) once you reach your destination. This cooler will also run off your car battery but has a smart switch that shuts it off before stranding you in the wilderness. This is perfect for those long hunting trips, go get one and fill it with dead animals.

Burberry Walking Umbreallas

I don't see a lot of rain where I live, so I don't have a huge need for an umbrella, but I couldn't resist posting about these Burberry Walking Umbrellas. They feature traditional resin handles that are hand carved by Italian artisans. These things are really cool to look at online, but honestly, I can think of a lot of other things i can do with $1200, like buy the Base Camp Refrigerator.