Kwikset Electronic Deadbolt

That janitor style key ring you carry is heavy and antiquated. The Kwikset Electronic Deadbolt is the way of the future, so get with the program. This might be the coolest way to enter your house I have ever seen and is worthy of a James bond movie. This deadbolt unlocks your door by scanning your finger print. You can store up to 50 different user fingerprints to allow access to the door at different times of the day or week. It requires no hard wiring to install and is perfect for the neighborhood athletes who don't want to carry their keys.

Gamago Ice Skull Mold Tray

Any good home bar will be equipped with with a few essentials, mixers, shakers, alcohol and of course novelty ice cubes. The Gamago Ice Skull falls into the latter category. This bad ass ice mold tray will definitely take your 30yr Balvenie to a whole other level. Just fill the mold with water and pop it into your freezer, in short time you will have a giant hunk of ice shaped like a skull, this goes well with the bullet and gun shaped cubes you already have that you never use.

Hario Siphon Vacuum Coffee Maker

Lets face it, making coffee has gotten way to easy these days with all this "K-Cup" nonsense. You need to feel like your actually making something and the Hario Siphon Vacuum Coffee Maker does just that. I'm not quite sure how the whole thing works but i know it heats the glass ball of water which somehow brews the coffee. This is perfect if you are looking to brew coffee like the Breaking Bad guys.

Definitive Technology, Sound Cylinder

I know, there are a million options out there for speakers for your tablets and phones. I could probably dedicate an entire blog to just write ups on them. I try and pick only the coolest ones I find. Today I am writing about the Sound Cylinder from Definitive Technology. This cool little tube offers more than your average travel speakers. First it comes in a cool looking, easy to store tube form. This form allows for their patented Sound Array technology for extra life like sound. The Sound cylinder also features 2.1 bi-channel amplification with two front facing 32mm mid range high frequency drivers and a 43mm woofer for the bass. It has blue tooth connectivity and will also plug into your 3.5mm headphone jack or charging port. The kick stand ties the whole thing together with a nice presentation. Hit the link for all the pictures and details.