Suunto Ambit

Suunto has long been a favorite watch maker of mine and now they are bringing to the market their latest creation. The Suunto Ambit features full GPS with way point and route navigation, a 3D compass, barometer and temperature. This wrist computer also features their patented FuelSpeed with an accelerometer integrated GPS. This watch also provides heart rate monitoring and about 100 more features, rather than read it here, hit the link and get the info you desperately want to read.

Kaweco AC Sport Carbon Fountain Pen

Kaweco has released a new fountain pen for your writing amusement. The AC Sport Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen is a great looking pen with an all carbon fiber body and carbon fiber inlays on the lid. These come with all the classic styling and reliability of Kaweco's classic fountain pens with the upgraded body materials.


Old man winter is here and your favorite winter gloves from 10 years ago just don't seem to work with your awesome new touch screen pocket computer. Rather than go buy a new pair of $100 dollar gloves I recommend you pick up a bottle of AnyGlove, place a couple of drops of this stuff on your old gloves and you'll be sexting and texting and posting updates of twitter in no time. This stuff works on Fleece, Knit, Work, Running, Mountain Bike, Motorcycle, Police, Military Gloves and more.

Demerit Patches

If you were in the boy scouts you are well aware of how cool the merit patches were and the extremely crappy things you had to do to acquire them. Well you're an adult now and finally there are patches for all the stupid things you do in your adult life. Demerit wear has come up with patches for things like losing your glasses, not knowing how to follow directions and eating too much bacon. These are perfect stocking stuffers for the idiots in your life.


Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil

I am kind of a pencil and pen snob, I prefer a mechanical pencil for most of my drawing and day to day activities, but i will say there is nothing quite like the classic yellow lead pencil from grade school. The Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil puts a lid on the classic pencil while integrating a sharpener and a removable eraser, this takes the classic pencil to a whole new level.

Mobee Magic Charger

If you own an Apple computer chances are you own a magic mouse. This mouse is a probably the best mouse I have ever used, accept for the constant stream of AA batteries I have to feed it. The Mobee Magic Charger is a great solution to this problem. Simply plug in your re-chargeable batteries and place the mouse on the charging pad any time you aren't using it. Now go spend your AA battery fund on some booze.

Stick-N-Find bluetooth stickers

With the release of the new James Bond film, i'm sure there are plenty of us looking to up our spy game with some cool Christmas gadgetry. I don't like to link to things that you cant purchase right now but the Stick-N-Find Bluetooth stickers are way to cool not to show you. These little stickers are meant for finding lost keys or remotes but i can see plenty of us using these for much more spy related tasks. Hit the link to help fund and get yours soon!

Exotic Driving Experience

Any red blooded American guy will tell you, there is nothing quite like driving really fast. It's fun, dangerous and at times entirely too slow. Your Honda Civic doesn't always fulfill your need for speed, that why I'm recommending you check out the Exotic Driving Experience. These guys travel around the states with a stable of Italian sports cars, and for a small fee you can experience what its like to piss yourself while driving and then thank someone for allowing you to do it.