Pat's Backcountry Portable Carbonator

I have been on a few backcountry trips in my life and I cant think of a time I have ever craved a carbonated beverage. I have also been on a few car camping trips in my life and there were plenty of carbonated beverages flowing at those. Pat's Backcountry Portable Carbonator turns your average boring water up to 11 with a pop of carbonation. Add a small flask of your liquor of choice and a garnish from that bush you saw on the trail earlier and you have an impromptu backcountry party!

Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine

Technology has caught up with your notebook. Moleskine and Evernote have teamed up to create the first ever smart notebook that transfers your hand written notes and sketches into a digital file that can be shared, searched or imported into a word doc. All you have to do is take your notes and then snap a photo of the special paper and whoa-la your notes are digital. Its magic and you would have been burned at the stake for sorcery  if caught with this in the early 90's.

Luchador Bottle Openers

When in doubt go for the sleeper hold, words to live by. The Luchador Bottle Opener will slam your pansy ass beer bottle to the floor. This thing is designed by Andres Lhima for the Kikkerland Mexico Design Challenge. for $8 you cant go wrong.

Logitech UE 900

I firmly believe that the future of ear buds is in the wireless Bluetooth arena, unfortunately these are still in their infancy in terms of sound quality. For the true audiophile the best sound is still found in the tethered/corded variety. Logitech is throwing their hat into the high end ear bud market with their new Logitech UE 900. These bad boys are engineered by the same geniuses that design their high end studio cans. These buds feature quad-armature design—two for the low end, one for the mid-range, and one for high frequencies. What does this mean to you? Sharp highs, clear mids, and rich bass, they have also made them a bit more fashionable with interchangeable cords, hit the link for all of the info.

Batarang Double Folding Knife

The Batarang Double Folding Knife makes a clean sweep for this weeks biggest waste of money. With the economy the way it is, I couldn't imagine a more idiotic way to spend your money. I'm sure batman fanboys will think this is a nice addition to their sweet batman tool belt, but i assure you, it is not.

Mister Tea Infuser

Warm weather is right around the corner and for most people that means you will be looking for your warming elixir of choice. The Fred and Friends Mister Tea Infuser is a pretty interesting new way to brew a single serving of your favorite tea. This guy is made from food safe silicone rubber and I think would make a pretty cool stocking stuffer for the caffeine addict in your family.

Best Wishes Key

I'm not sure if the Best Wishes Key is meant to give yourself the middle finger or your house the middle finger, but it will definitely add some levity to your day.


Eva Solo Ice Tea Maker

The Eva Solo Ice Tea Maker is the worlds first personal tea brewer. Simply place your tea leaves in the carafe and top off with the filter, let the tea steep and then pour yourself a refreshing glass of iced/hot tea. The filter on top keeps the leaves in the carafe. You can also add the leaves directly into the filter for tea that needs less time to brew. Brilliant!

Logitech Washable Keyboard

Well, it is finally here, a keyboard that can be washed in your sink. The Logitech Washable Keyboard has laser etched UV coated buttons so the letters will never fade and is capable of being completely submerged and scrubbed for cleaning, drain holes on the bottom allow it to completely dry. I think this should be a mandatory keyboard for all homes with teenage boys.

Cake Divider

I cant tell you how many times I have been short changed when it comes to my slice of cake at birthday parties. I will now be carrying the Cake Divider to all parties to be sure that everyone gets an equal sized slice. I'm still not sure how to ensure fair cake division on a cake that is square.

CT Scuderia Corsa

I am a watch junkie and the latest object of my watch lust is the CT Scuderia Corsa. This slick looking watch is designed by Enrico Margaritelli, he has drawn inspiration from the classic Italian sports car dash board clusters and the interchangeable strap is the same leather used on their seats. The movement is Swiss and the colors pay homage to the Italian flag…killer watch.

Virobi Robotic Mop

We all know the Roomba and how it keeps your lazy ass on the couch. This is all fine and dandy if you have carpet, but what about the lazy asses that have hardwood floors? The Virobi Robotic Mop is the long lost cousin of the Roomba and will automatically mop and sweep your hardwood and tile floors allowing you to stay on the couch eating Cheetos.


Plasma Nightlight

I finally found your new nightlight, the Plasma Nightlight. I had one of these plasma ball things when i was a kid and freakin loved it. If you don't remember these or never had one, they generate these light beams that twist around when you touch the glass. This is the mini version that plugs into your wall and freaks out your pets. Hit the link for the place to buy it.

Leatherman OHT

The Leatherman OHT stands for "one handed tool" and is the first tool to live up to this title. Every item on this multi-tool can be accessed with one hand. Leave it to the originator of the multi-tool to again push the envelope and provide all of us with a unique item. This thing features a ton of different tools including threaded rod for different cleaning devices and quick identification handles to see which tools are in which handle. There are too many cool features to list here so hit the link and see all the updates.

The Gerber Steady Tool

The Gerber Steady Tool is made for all the adventure photographers out there. This tool combines all the functionality you need in a survival situation and allows you to photograph it too. This tool features a fine edge blade, a serrated blade, three screwdrivers, a bottle opener, pliers and wire cutters. the catch with this one is it also has a fold out bi-pod and a srew in camera mount or suction cup to hold your cel phone for that sweet photo shoot. Now you can apply the tourniquet to your splintered femur and get the photos to prove how you manned up.

BAR10DER multitool

You have asked and asked for it and it is finally here, the bartender multi-tool, aka. BAR10DER. This cool tool combines all of the things you need to be the perfect mixologist into one convenient, compact tool. This tool features a muddler, standard and channel knives, reamer, jigger, zester, stirrer, strainer, corkscrew, and bottle opener. Now when a spontaneous binge drinking revolution breaks out, you will be prepared to make the best drinks on the streets.

The U.S. Navy Seal Survival Handbook

With all of the attention the Navy Seals have been receiving in the media lately, I think its fitting that a team member tries to capitalize on it with The U.S. Navy Seal Survival Handbook. Everyone knows these guys are some of the baddest men on the earth and this book will give you a glimpse into just how bad they are. This books runs the gamut on info and even has pictures for those that aren't so good at reading.


Fuego Element Portable Gas Grill

Ok lets be honest, your old school green double burner camp stove is pretty dated and heavy. I think its time to retire that thing and upgrade to the Fuego Element Portable Gas Grill. This bad boy features an easy close lid that doubles as a carry handle, variable control valves to help control heat for cooking or just warming. This thing has a 159-square-inch grill that is enamel coated for that non stick action you love at home.

Golf Ball Personalizer

Restoration Hardware brings you the Golf Ball Personalizer. This cool device lets you imprint up to 3 letters on your golf balls so there is not more confusion on the course as to who hit the longer drive. Now you can carry over your Golden Tee initials to the real course.

Patagonia River Crampons

I don't do a lot of fishing but i do have friends that love the sport. Apparently the classic felt bottom boots that were common in river fishing are now being banned due to their spreading of algae. The Patagonia River Crampon is the latest solution to this problem. they are made of light weight aluminum which cuts through the algae but still is soft enough to grip the rocks.

BladeX5 57100 Cut Resistant GLoves

The BladeX5 57100 Cut and Slash Resistant Gloves have the longest product name ever featured of this blog. They also feature a cut and slash resistant level 5 rating, im not sure what that means but its sounds awesome. They made of a lightweight breathable fabric that greatly reduces your risk of getting cut when carrying that giant piece of glass around or butchering that giant shark made of razor blades.

LaCie RuggedKey

I don't foresee myself being 100 meters off the ground and needing access to a jump drive any time soon. It is nice to know that Lacie has created the RuggedKey to survive my clumsy Mission Impossible fingers should i drop the damn thing. In addition to being drop proof its also water, cold and heat resistant. This is basically the apocalypse jump dirve, I wonder if its zombie proof?

McGill Cage Lamp

I have been looking around for some new lighting for my home office, and I thnk I may have just found it. Each McGill Cage Lamp is brand new and hand made in the Lower East Side NY. I can see this cool lamp hanging over my desk or resting on top of it with a cool vintage filament bulb in it. Each one has an 8ft. cord and is available in multiple colors, hit the link to see the options.