Remote Control Zombie

Have you ever wished you had your own pet zombie? Neither have we, until we saw the Remote Control Zombie. This zombie walks and moans and groans like a real zombie and features moveable arms and legs, plus the remote is shaped like a brain. This might be the coolest remote control toy you will ever own.


I do love to cook, but i don't do a lot of baking. I know cupcakes are still big in the baking world and who doesn't love a nice little travel cake. We came across the Nomskulls cupcake molds the other day in our internet travels, and think they definitely take cupcakes to the next level. Now you can have mini cake shaped like mini skulls, these even come with a brain icing recipe.

Hardcore Hammers

I know I have featured hatchets made by Hardcore Hammers on Brainspin before. With summer right around the corner, and all of those building projects around the house looming on the horizon, I thought I would feature the actual Hardcore Hammer itself this week. The Hardcore Hammer is tough as nails and features their patented recessed milled traction surface which is protected from wear and tear by the smooth outer edge. What does this mean for you? Well you can basically throw away your framing hammer and your finish hammer because this thing will do both. These hammers are made in the U.S.A. and are seriously bad ass. hit the link for all the details.

The Soccket

I know you love to use electricity, and I know you love soccer, soon you will be able combine the two with Soccket. This is the worlds first energy generating soccer ball, the more you play with it the more electricity it stores for your use later. The Soccket features a 6 watt output, is water proof and only weighs 17oz. which is 1oz. more than a normal soccer ball. This ball never deflates and is made here in the good ole U.S. The Soccket is made by Uncharted Play which has a couple of other cool products on their site that help impoverished living.


Personal Machete

With all of the zombie apocalypse talk going on these days, the sales of machetes are on the rise. I love a good machete as much as the next red blooded American, but i honestly can't stand those neon green handles and ridiculous shaped blades being offered by some of the knife makers out there. When i saw the Personal Machete by Garrett Wade, i knew i had found my zombie killing blade of choice. This machete features a full 14" high carbon steel blade that is full tanned and 1/4" thick. The handles are made of rose wood and feature a standard lanyard hole. As a bonus the sheath is made of leather.

Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood

If you're looking for something to take your BBQ to the next level this summer, look no further. The good folks over at Bourbon Barrel Foods are offering up some Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood to cook those steaks and veggies over. Just make sure if you decide to use this, you send us an invite for dinner, we will bring the booze.

nPower PEG

When most of us travel we inevitably run into the problem of battery drain on our mobile devices. Finding an outlet to charge these devices is next to impossible in some circumstances, and once you do find one, you have to sit by the outlet and wait. The nPower PEG looks to remedy this little problem. This little device builds a charge and holds it for 100+ days and only requires you to move. This battery cell charges itself using your kinetic energy and then feeds it to all your mobile devices. This is just another great solution for charging your devices in emergency situations or when you're off the beaten path.


I know many of you have probably seen that phony breathalyzer app you can get for your mobile devices. That app is a fun toy to play with at the bar, but really provides no solid feedback on whether or not its safe for you to drive after that extra shot of Jameson. The Breathometer is the first official breathalyzer for your smartphone. All you have to do is plug this little device into your headphone jack on your phone, and blow into the end of it. The Breathometer gives you a fast accurate BAC to determine if you've had one too many drinks. The only thing that would make this better is if it flattened your tires when you are too intoxicated to drive.

Firestar Fire Piston

Camping season is in full swing. Even though the mercury is rising, camping is not "camping" without a roaring fire. The Firestar Fire Piston, might be the coolest way yet, to get that fire going. This little tool is made from a solid piece of titanium and creates a super hot ember using the heat created from rapid compression. This is a must have for your prepare bug out bag and hikers looking to reduce weight while maintaining renewable fire starting resources.


Death Wish Coffee

I have been thinking about picking up one of those Keurig coffee makers everyone seems to love. I have one requirement before I make that purchase, it must brew Death Wish Coffee. These coffee makers claim to have a coffee bean with 200% the amount of caffeine as your wussy morning Starbucks. I cant wait to try this stuff.

MYO Gesture Control Wristband

The future is now with the MYO Gesture Control Wristband. I can remember when the movie Minority Report came out and thinking how freaking bad ass it was when Tom Cruise was controlling his computer with hand gestures. I also remember thinking that I would never live to see the day when that became a reality. Minority Report is now reality, the MYO links up to all of your digital devices, laptop, cellphones, tablets etc. and lets you control them with a flick of the wrist, a snapping of the fingers and another movement you can make with your arms. This is probably the coolest blue-tooth device you will ever purchase. Hit the link for all of the details.

Butterfly Knife Cufflinks

I am not a cufflink person, I don't even own a shirt that requires them. But if I did, my cufflink of choice would be the Butterfly Knife Cufflinks. Yes, these are fully functional, and yes they are sharp enough to cut some stuff. They have a locking mechanism to keep them closed when not in use. If you are a man you will wear these.

Titanium Escape Ring

If you are as big of a James Bond fan as I am, then you have to be drooling over the Titanium Escape Ring. This thing just oozes covert operations with its mini saw for cutting ropes and tapes and a handcuff shim pick combination tool which are both completely hidden when worn. This is definitely a must have for anyone working overseas in areas prone to kidnapping. I really want one of these, but would probably never use it.

The Man Hanger

Through the years you have slowly made the transition from crappy wire hangers to crappy plastic hangers in your closet. Some of you may have even splurged a little and purchased some of those fancy cedar hangers, but none of them can stand up to the coolness of The Man Hanger. This is the most kick ass clothes hanger you have ever seen, it is made from industrial grade rebar, its hand bent here in the U.S. and can be used to beat down any would-be robbers in your home or retail shop.