Inteliscope Tactical Rifle Adapter

If you have been feeling like your smart phone just doesn't do enough for you, the Inteliscope Tactical Rifle Adapter might be just what you are looking for. As rifle scopes get smarter it only makes sense that our "smart phones" should be used for shooting as well. This rifle adapter allows you to mount your smart phone to your gun and gives you ballistics and environmental data and feedback. The adapter attaches via your standard Picatinny or Weaver rail system. There are quite a few features included with the app including a 5x zoom and custom crosshairs, hit the link for all the details.

Klein BBQ Tools

Lets face it, your old BBQ tool set from Wally World is looking pretty tired. It is time to update to a set of Klein BBQ Tools. Klein Tools have been making quality tools, right here in the U.S., since 1857. They have an outstanding reputation for reliability and longevity. I'm sure this will be the last set of BBQ tools you will ever need to buy, plus they just look cool.

The DCI BBQ Branding Iron

It has taken you years to perfect your grilling technique, and now that you have, you should sign your art. The DCI BBQ Branding Iron lets everyone around the dinner table know exactly who grilled their meat. This would also be a cool tool to use to mark the temperature of steaks for people, that way you can cook steaks at multiple temperatures and let your guest pick what they like.

Tactical BBQ Apron

Since you obviously could not live without the two BBQ tools we featured above, and you have obviously purchased both of them, you will need a place to carry them. This is where the Tactical BBQ Apron steps in. This apron is not for the faint of heart and is built for all of your backyard black ops. The Tactical Apron features a real MOLLE system that can be customized to hold grilling utensils, condiments and even your phone. It is fully adjustable for the perfect fit and is machine washable. Please note that this is not meant for use in actual combat.


Katadyn Combi Microfilter

This week at Brainspin, we wanted to keep the outdoors theme going, and feature a few items that can help you get through the summer. First up is the Katadyn Combi Microfilter. Pure water to drink is an absolute necessity when you are traveling in the back country or over seas. This filter will make sure you get all the clean water you can drink. It is light weight and very portable. This filter uses silver impregnated ceramic element filtration with an activated carbon cartridges to clean your water. One filter can process over 13,000 gallons of water and features a 0.2 micron ceramic depth. Not only can it filter out all of the bad shit floating in the water, but it also improves the taste.

TrackingPoint Xact System

If you have ever aspired to be a bad ass sniper, but just don't have the patience for all of the proper training, you should definitely look into the TrackingPoint Xact System. This is probably the most technologically advanced, Linux Based, rifle scope on the market. With little or no shooting experience a person can achieve accurate shots up to 1200 yards. this scope measures distance, temperature and pressure to calculate relative humidity which can effect the trajectory of the fired bullet. The Xact scope has several gyroscopes and an accelerometer  to help determine how the rifle is positioned and how it is moving. the tracking engine in the scope software determines when the gun is on target and only allows the shooter to pull the trigger at the optimal time. This is seriously cool shit, hit the link for all the details.

Nite Ize Reflective Rope Pack

Nite Ize are back again with another simple solution to a common problem, tripping over your tent ropes at night. The Reflective Rope Pack comes in a 50' length and is great for tying up guy lines from your tent or securing a tarp. It is made of heavy weight nylon with a reflective strip woven into it to catch the light from your headlamp or flashlight. These are especially helpful for those of us who like to have a drink or six around the fire, as we all know the trip back to your tent after that, can be a treacherous one.

Alarm Sounding Beach Safe

If you are planning on spending any time at the beach or the pool this summer, you will undoubtedly be faced with the fear of having your crap stolen while you are talking a dip in the water. The Alarm Sounding Beach Safe will give you peace of mind with its 110 decibel alarm. This safe can be secured to any fixed or heavy item via its 2' steel cable. The cool thing about this cable is if anyone trys to cut it, the alarm sounds. The safe is 190 cu. in. and can fit a full sized iPad.


Breitling Emergency 2

If you are an adventurer you accept the risks involved with those adventures. Accepting the risk doesn't mean you have to brave them alone. With the new Breitling Emergency II you will always have a rescue team strapped to your wrist. This watch features an emergency beacon that is monitored by a network of low altitude earth orbit satellites that provide very accurate homing data to your rescue team. This is one of the most efficient and reliable homing devices available. I highly recommend one of these bad ass watches if you are the lone wolf type.

The Pitch and Puff

I don't know how well smoking and golf go together but the guys over at Pitch and Puff have come up with a pipe that can be used as a golf tee. I'm not guaranteeing this will fix your slice but it might help take the edge off your horrible putting game.

The Rally Fighter

We don't feature a lot of automotive stuff here at Brainspin, but we just couldn't resist spreading the word about the Rally Fighter. This might be the most badd ass, street legal off road vehicle around. This car was the brainchild of an ex-military guy and features a 6.2 liter, V8 that outputs 430hp @ 4600rpm. It is an automatic transmission so you don't have to fumble with a stick shift when you are launching your Rally Fighter 30ft. in the air. I really loved when they described the thrill of passing people on the grassy highway median at 90mph. There are a lot of cool features and videos on their site, so hit the link and check them out, oh yeah, its only $99,000!

Kombo Tool

The weather outside is perfect for getting out and doing some fishing. The amount of gear that comes along with this activity can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and cumbersome. The Kombo Tool is looking to combine a few of your tools into one futuristic looking fishing tool. The Kombo features a fish bonker, a filet knife, knife sharpener and a scooper. This should just about cover most of the tools you need to kill and clean that trophy shark, and as a bonus,, it floats. 


Sony Digital Recording Binoculars

Viewing things through binoculars is fun, recording video with your camera is fun. Now the Sony Digital Recording Binoculars lets you combine both of these awesome things. these are the first bins that feature full HD video recording and 3D movie recording. You basically use them the same way you would a pair of regular binoculars but now you can press the little red button and record what your are viewing. These are rustproof and rainproof and can zoom up to 25x. they have all of the standard video recording features like image stabilization and simultaneous zoom and autofocus. Skip the ties this fathers day and get dad a piece of gear he will really like.


Tis the season for getting outside and building stuff and working on stuff. the Magnogrip if your new best friend for your next building and repair project. This manly wristband doesn't just absorb sweat, it also has strong as hell magnets built into it to hold all the nails, screws, nuts and bolts you need to keep the job moving. any self respecting tool box definitely needs one of these in it.


You love your phone and you love to drink booze, so why not combine the two with the iFlask? The phone case industry has exploded in the past ten years and everyone seems to be getting in on the billion dollar marketplace. If you are so inclined you can pretty much get a phone case for any occasion, and now you can get one that will help you smuggle your favorite drink into any event. The iFlask holds 5oz of the liquor of your choice, it has a discreet design, is fabricated from stainless steel and includes a collapsable funnel. I still prefer my old pewter flask, put this is pretty cool.

Kwikset Kevo

I really love some of the advances in door lock technology we have featured here on Brainspin and the Kevo from Kwikset is yet again raising the cool bar. The Kevo is the worlds first blue tooth door lock. This little lock syncs with your phone and senses when you are near, when it lights up blue you simply slide your finger around the sensor, the door magically unlocks. I know you are thinking what if i lose my phone, or the battery dies or my phone is taken away in the rapture, well, the Kevo also comes with a key fob that provides the lock with the necessary bluetooth magic signal.