G-Shock "Smart Access" watch

The New G-Shock (GW-A1000-1ADF) is definitely on my acquire list. This bad ass watch features Casio's TRIPLE G RESIST construction and their proprietary Smart Access control system. When they say "Smart Access" they mean it has an electronic crown switch and a 5 motor drive system with a multitude of functions. The TRIPLE G RESIST features new vibration resistance technology and is also highly resistant to shock and centrifugal force. To Add the cherry on top this watch is solar powered, so kiss those battery replacements good bye. This is not your old G-Shock day glow raver watch... Hit the link above for all the juicy details.

Clef Du Vin - Wine Aging

The Peugeot Clef Du Vin - Wine Aging tool will take your crappy $9 bottle of CVS Pharmacy Cabernet to taste levels beyond a perfectly aged bottle of Opus One. Okay, not really, but this little tool dipped into a bottle or glass of wine brings out the potential flavors of young wines if they were properly aged. I am not sure about all of the science behind this little device, but supposedly 1 second in a bottle or glass equals one year of aging.

InCOG Bike Tool

If you're a bicyclist you need to get on the pre-order for the InCOG Bike Tool right now! This is probably the coolest functional add-on you will ever buy for your ride. This tool hides easily in the handlebar tube of your bike with a keyed friction lock that keeps thieving hands at bay. The flexible design of this thing allows it to fit nearly any handlebar tube shape. Each section of this tool features a slot to place hex wrenches, torque wrenches, screwdrivers, tube repair materials and other such items. The wrenches and screwdrivers can be replaced with any tool tip you can find at a hardware store and the end handle functions as the tool grip. This is a genius idea, hit the link above for all the details.

Salt Made From Tears

Today I present to you a new seasoning for your porterhouse steaks, salt made from human tears. Tears are collected and gently boiled and released into crystallization tanks where they are hand harvested and rinsed with a brine. They have several types of salt including flavors made from tears of anger and tears of sorrow. This salt will make your food so very, very, sad.


Texas Grill Brush

Yes, everything is bigger in Texas, including our grill brushes. This weekend all of us will be putting the grill through its paces, its time to ditch that crappy cleaning brush you got from target and get yourself the monster Texas Grill Brush. The head is double sided with coarse and fine black steel and will scrape the paint off a front end loader.

The Thumbsaver

Lets be honest, no one hammers a nail like Mr. Miyagi and every time you smash your fingers with the hammer, you scare the family. Do yourself a favor and pick up the Thumbsaver. Its magnetic so it holds the nail in place and gets your precious, delicate little fingers out of harms way. Or you can man up and buy a nail gun, your choice.

Quirky Stake

I really cannot believe it took someone this long, to invent this grilling tool. The Quirky Stake is the all in one bad boy of the grill. It features tongs, spatula, fork and cutting edge. This thing has high strength leaf spring action and they can be locked down and opened with ease. the coolest part about the Stake is definitely the retractable fork.


Aether Beach Folding Chairs and Table

The Beach Folding Chairs and Table from Aether are not only comfortable but they also allow you to re-enact the Corona beer commercials. This set is made of re-claimed materials, the chairs are made of Ash and utilize corrosion resistant hinges and are finished with a black water based stain. The material backings on the chairs are made from upcycled army tents which are sewn in L.A. All of items fold neatly into a travel bag for easy transport. Now all you need is the metal bucket filled with ice and beer, a tan, a hot chick, six pack abs and a perfect beach...yeah right, well at least you can get the chair set and the beer.

Jalapeño Pepper Roaster

Grilling season is in full effect and one of my favorite things to grill, is the stuffed Jalapeno. Williams Sonoma offers up the Jalapeño Pepper Roaster allowing you to create mini master pieces inside every spicy popper. Just remember to wear gloves when cleaning the peppers or you might regret it later.

Meccaniche Veloci Only One

The Meccaniche Veloci Only One is one cool watch. The watch shown above is called the Starfighter and features a face made of a single-engine, high-performance, supersonic interceptor aircraft, fighter bomber, with trapezoidal wings. Yeah, thats a fighter jet. They have 9 more models all of the featuring metals taken from famous "game changing" aircraft. Hit the link to see all of the options.


Quick Watch Roundup

I thought today I would do a quick roundup of some of the watches i have been seeing online the last few weeks, these range from weird and cheap to bad ass and expensive. All are unique and I would happily sport any of them on a daily basis.

Grey Area and designer Shelter Sierra have given birth to their version of the coveted and classic Rolex Submariner. I'm guessing these guys were tired of saving and scrimping to get the real deal, so they made one out of what they call Platinum Silicone. This is an exact replica of the real thing but without all those stupid time telling features. It comes in two sizes, one for the men and one for the ladies and is available in white or black.

I know you like to practice your drifting in the parking garage on Saturday nights, and you definitely like to drag race at the stop light on main street, but you aren't serious about speed until you own one of these watches. The Vallelunga Chrono is modeled after the classic 60's racing tachometers, and is named after the classic racing circuit located near Rome. The Vallelunga features Swiss Made Ronda 5020.B Quartz Chronograph Movement, a stainless steel case and a KI Glass Crystal With Sapphire Coating. This watch lives life 60 seconds at a time baby.

I showed you the super fake non-working Submariner above, now see the super limited super real Bamford Watch Department Submariner. This watch was built for the bad asses of the world and was tested in real world situations on tour in Afghanistan by military personnel. This watch uses Bamford's proprietary PVD coating system and uses the California dial developed for Allied Forces in WW2. The watch comes in a waterproof Otter Box and comes with the standard NATO strap in case you like that look better. The only down side is the price tag, it might break your wallet in half.


Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

If you are going to be entertaining this summer, ditch the standard square ice for your cocktails, and pick up a set of the Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds. These cool little devices produce a perfect 2.5" sphere of solid ice. These work great to keep that mixed drink mixed, all you have to do is swirl your drink around and they act like a stirrer.

Built MX Sleeve

The MX Sleeve is here to defend your work. Built has created the MX Sleeve that has a bad ass premium blend of ultra-lightweight EVA that cushions that can handle most bumps your laptop might experience during travel. The vented honeycomb construction helps to cool your laptop after use and this case has a mesh interior liner that helps to protect the shiny finish. If you value your data i recommend picking one up.

Himalayan Salt Plate

These salt plates come straight out of the Himalayas. These are great to use as serving plates or slap them on the grill with your favorite foods to add a subtle and unique flavor. They are packed with minerals and can be washed by simply scrubbing the surface with water and patting them dry. They can also be chilled and used for kick ass sushi presentations.


Fidis Wenger Camping Lighter

If using Tungsten to light your camp fire is too time consuming for you, I highly recommend the Fidis Wenger Camping Lighter. This is not your average cheapo Bic lighter. The Fidis Lighter, uses the classic flint with wick setup but features a reserve fuel tank so you are sure to have plenty of gas to get you going. This bad ass lighter also has a stash spot for extra wicks and flints, go get one for your summer adventures!

Ziiiro Mens Celeste

I don't usually like to link to Amazon, but from what I can tell its the only place to read about the Ziiiro Mens Celeste watch. This unique looking watch uses 2 transparent discs that overlap and move around the dial to help tell you the time. I couldn't find an actual site for this company to give you more details but couldn't resist showing it to everyone, its a really cool looking watch.

LEGO Heavy Weapons

Jack Streat the 17 yr. old LEGO genius is bringing you the LEGO Heavy Weapons construction guide. Finally all of us grown men who grew up building crap out of LEGO's can pick up this nostalgic toy again. We aren't talking about tiny little toys here, these are 1:1 full size LEGO weapon replicas. Included in the guide are the instructions for the Desert Eagle with working slide, AKS-74U with folding stock, A bolt-action Lee Enfield sniper rifle and a A pump action SPAS combat shotgun. I will be buying this and hanging one of these LEGO guns over my fireplace.


Bubi Bottle

The Bubi Bottle is looking to make a splash in the ever growing water bottle market. This unique bottle is actually a soft shell bottle that can be flattened and rolled up for easy storage. With real estate in your gym bag being so precious this bottle does a good job of getting out of the way. It weighs just 5.5oz and can tolerate hot or cold beverages and can be placed in the microwave. It is BPA free and dishwasher safe, i really like the idea of using it as a hot/cold compress. This is a must have for the active lifestyle person.

Upcycled Skip Rope

We all know our kids could use more exercise and with all the modern technology in their tiny paws, there is a good chance most of them have never even tried to jump rope. Urban Infant is looking to change that with the Upcycled Skip Rope. This classic toy is made of recycled mountain climbing rope and the handles are also made of recycled materials. Not only does it hlep your kids get active but it raises their awareness in recycling. Also its made entirely in the good ole U.S.A.


Carabiner Key

The Carabiner Key is revolutionizing  the modern key king. This key features a spring gate like the common carabiner but is also a true key blank that can be used like any common key. All you do is take it to your local hardware store and have them make the copy and you're good to go.

Gizmon Clip-On Lenses

The Gizmon Clip-On Lenses are kick ass. This set comes with 3 clips for 3 devices and you can move the lens around to all your devices quickly and easily. The lens comes in 3 options fisheye, circular polarizer and the 3 image mirage filter (whatever that means).

Boska Holland Toasta Bags

Grilled Cheese from your toaster, yes, you read that correctly. I dont know how many times I have wished I could just make a grilled cheese in the freakin toaster, it seems like something that should have been included in the original design of the toaster. Boska Holland brings you the Toasta Bag allowing you to make perfect grilled cheese in the time it takes to make toast. Each bag allows for 50 grilled cheeses and an order comes with 3 bags. Time to donate the Foreman Grill.

Shot Glass Card

Everyone I know loves to get booze for their birthday, and Fifty Five His brings you the perfect card to accompany that sweet elixir gift. The Shot Glass Card is the birthday card that comes with its own shot glass, just punch out the shape from the card and fold as the instructions show and you'll be partaking on those libations in no time.

Evil Hot Gummi Bears

The Gummi Bear you all know and love has taken a very dark turn. The Evil Hot Gummi Bears are what the devil might feed you in hell. They are a fiery mix of the classic gummi bear sweetness and the super hot habanero pepper, these are not for the faint of heart.