Bed Fan with Wireless Remote

This summer heat is just getting warmed up and i don't know anyone who likes to sleep in the heat. The Bed Fan looks to solve that problem and give your A/C a little break. This cool invention tucks between the top sheet and bottom sheet and blows a cooling wind from your feet to your head, plus it comes with a remote so you can adjust it without having to get off your lazy ass. Hit the link for all the Amazon info.

Ideacous Indoor Smokeless BBQ Grill

I always hate to post things here that you cant immediately purchase (I am a firm believer in instant gratification). But I just couldnt resist showing everyone the Ideacous Indoor Smokeless BBQ Grill, which is taking pre-orders. When its 104° outside the last thing anyone wants to do is stand outside and grill and this little kitchen tool allows you to have that great grilled steak you are craving. This thing works with gas or electric stoves and heats up lava rocks to cook your food. The grill top is height adjustable and it has a grease trap for easy cleanup. Rain or shine it's steak and wine!

Ed Van Hoy and Tom Stokes - CRKT Tool

Ed Van Hoy and Tom Stokes are custom knife makers that have combined their vast knowledge of edged greatness to bring you the CRKT Tool. This tiny little tool combines a multitude of kick ass man items you never knew you needed. The list is as follows: utility blade, sawtooth blade, multi-fit box wrench, wire stripper, button/spring opening Phillips/regular screwdrivers with additional driver bits, and bottle opener. If you can't get the job done with this, then I don't think you are a real man.

Polaroid Instant Digital Camera

All of the hipsters cried when they finally stopped making Polaroid film for their vintage cameras. Well, all of the fragile little hipster tears can finally dry up and they can step into the digital age with the Instant Digital Camera. This cool little camera turns all of your late night debauchery into actual physical evidence with its built in printer. It has a 10mp camera, a 3" LCD screen so you can view before printing and the printer uses zero ink technology.

Solar Generator, SOS in a box

With all of the preppers running crazy to horde as much survival gear as possible, I think this little gadget will sell like hot cakes. Sun Flare Systems is making a solar powered generator. This sweet little generator comes in three sizes, the biggest boasts 150Watts, 1000watt 110/120 60hz inverter, 25amp MPPT charge controller, and with an  increased 36Amph battery. I am sure you know what all of those numbers mean right? When the gas stations run out of gas and the electricity is gone that works the pumps, you will be the bell of the prepper ball with your solar generator.


Woodman’s Pal®

With all of the forest fires going on right now, I have been giving serious thought to my machete situation at home. I think it may be time to upgrade to the Woodman’s Pal® and retire my old WalMart blue light special. The Woodman’s Pal® features a 1/8” thick x 10 1/2“ high carbon steel blade hardened to Rockwell C47. What this means to you is, it will keep its edge through hours of chopping, and will withstand extremes in temperature. This particular version also features a leather wrapped handle with a knuckle guard to protect your delicate little hands. Go get one today!


Apparently Philips wants you to take your favorite Van Halen album to the great outdoors. Their SHOQBOX features 8-watt RMS total output, is shock and splash proof and features a motion sensor that allows you to control it with the wave of a hand. I have not gotten my hands on one so I cannot testify to the sound quality. I really don't know if when i'm camping or hunting if I really want to hear some dumb ass Limp Bizkit from the weekend warrior two camp sites over.

CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Wand

With all of the flesh eating bacteria going around these days and talk of zombie apocalypse taking over humanity, i think the CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Wand is a sound investment. This thing kills up to 99% of bacteria and allergens on hard surfaces and uses no chemicals. The secret is in the UV-C light source the emanates from the belly of this wand. this also works really great on repelling vampires and Twilight fan boys and moms.

Darwin BBQ

This summer we all have tons of outdoor activities planned and the Darwin BBQ grill is cooking up greatness. This little grill is super portable and the ash catch tray is removable for easy cleanup. I can just see it now, my toes in sand on the beach, a cold beer in hand and my fresh caught great white shark filet grilling on the Darwin next to me. It's kind of like those Corona commercials but with great white sharks and more blood.


Iris Air-Tight Storage Trunk

When you need to store your stuff it helps to have some handy plastic bins. When you need to store your important stuff you need to get the Iris Air-Tight Storage Trunk. This bad ass box creates an air tight seal blocking out all moisture from destroying your prepper stash of food and ammo. The handles can be locked with an after-market pad lock and it has a re-enforced steel buckle for added security. This is the perfect item for all of the doomsday bunkers out there.

Hyper Pet™ HyperDog™ Ball Launchers

These days just throwing the tennis ball is not enough, we have to turn it up to 11 with the Hyper Pet™ HyperDog™ Ball Launchers. This dog toy is as fun for us humans as it is for the dogs. These ball launchers will shoot tennis balls over 200ft., its available in several ball sizes and is collapsible for easy transport and storage. I can see this thing being used for all sorts of mischief.

The Barbecue Dining Boat

Ok, so, im not really sure how i feel about the The Barbecue Dining Boat. Part of me thinks its awesome and part of me thinks its pure idiocrasy. I will give you the facts and let you decide. This is a 360° boat that features an umbrella, a trolling motor and a 24" diameter charcoal grill. It will accommodate up to 10 adults and runs off rechargeable batteries. Just be sure to retract the umbrella when lighting the grill or you will have a catastrophe of titanic proportions on your hands.

Milwaukee 6 in 1 Diagonal Pliers

Most guys have seen or had some sort of interaction with the classic Milwaukee Sawzall. They are famous for making that tool, and all motorized tools, tough as nails. It now looks like Milwaukee is getting into the hand tool game. They are bringing to market the very innovative 6 in 1 Diagonal Pliers. These bad ass pliers feature 6 application specific designs and can be used for Reaming; Bolt Cutters; Nail Cutting; Nail Pulling; Wire Cutting; Staple Pulling. Basically all of your pulling and cutting needs around the house can be solved with this handy little tool. You need one for your tool box, trust me.

Party Roulette

Summer is bearing down on us with temperatures soon to be soaring into the triple digits which can drive all of us a little crazy. When that "crazy" reaches the Deer Hunter level, pick up the Party Roulette water balloon gun. This toy takes a very macabre act like offing yourself, and makes it a fun party toy. The only thing that could make this better is to fill it with goat blood...someone pass me the goat, its getting hot outside.


Ksubi Cisco Shades

I pulled out my old Smith Serpico sunglasses today and remembered how much i love them. Then I came across the Ksubi Cisco sunglasses this morning and thought these were a bad ass take on the classic aviator shape. They have taken that aviator shape and combined it with the features of a pair of glacier glasses. These shades have leather side flaps that block out ambient light, wind and any other elements that might be flying around in the air. These are definitely a fresh update for summer, go get a pair!

Grove Skateback

There are thousands of options on the market for protecting your iPhone 4 and 4s but the Skateback is the only one made from skate decks. This cover is a collaboration between Grove and MapleXO and is 100% sustainable. they are crafted here in the U.S. and are offered in 3 color combos and no two cases are alike.

NuForce Cube

I post about quite a few portable audio speakers and docks here on Brainspin, and i think the NuForce Cube should be added to the fray. This sleek looking little cube rolls up a high end amplifier, high performance speaker and a quality USB DAC into one tiny little package. The NuForce Cube has quite a few interesting features including a port to plug in your headphones to increase the sound quality, hit the link above for all of the details.

Kevlar Survival Cord

ASR Tactical kicks up your paracord setup a notch or two with its Kevlar Survival Cord. This cord is made from 3 strands of high strength Kevlar and will support weights up to 200lbs. This cord is coated with an abrasion and UV resistant coating and weighs less than an ounce. This cording is ideal for preppers and trendy bracelet wearers.