I think the Field Power Desk, is pretty cool but its also kind of depressing. I think It would be seriously disturbing to see someone with this thing at their campsite. The whole point of being outdoors is to get away from the hustle of everyday work life. The only exceptions are for people who make a living studying the outdoors, they will get a pass. As for everyone else leave your computer at home and your phone off in your backpack (emergencies only) and get back in touch with the dirt and the fresh air dammit!

The Pup Crawl Lights-Up Dog Leash

We all love our furry friends and taking them for walks at night can sometimes be risky business. The The Pup Crawl Lights-Up Dog Leash looks to make Fido just a little safer on the end of their leash. The leash is 6ft. long and is visible from a quarter mile away. The other cool thing about your purchase is that $3 goes to help a pet in need, gotta love it when companies give back. they are available in multiple colors including pink for all the ladies.

Whamo Solo Snow Ball Blaster

Your eyes are not deceiving you, this is the Snow Ball Blaster. This bad boy turns your snowball fight up to 11 by launching balls of snow over 60ft. I think the kids are in for a bit of retaliation this winter from dear ole dad, I really wish this came in a Gatling Gun configuration.

Lensbaby Spark

The Spark by Lensbaby might be the strangest and most fun lens you slap on your camera this year. This funky looking little camera lens allows you to pick a focal point or subject and adds a gradual blur to all of the surroundings. This lens moves on a  bezel that you just move with your fingers, seriously cool. I know this sounds crazy but i suggest you check out the link to see examples of the effects you can achieve with this thing.


Im a sucker for a good looking watch and the latest object of my affection is the TSOVET SVT-PX87. this watch not only has an understated look, but it has a couple of pretty cool features as well. The bezel of this watch is made from a space age material called NyPxCEL which makes it super durable and water resistant to 200m. The numbers and lines are luminescent for easy reading in the dark and the strap is a heavy duty rubber material. The price tag wont kill your wallet either, definitely a cool watch for the money.

Hi-Call - Bluetooth Glove

It has finally happened, no longer do I have to hold that cold piece of plastic and metal to the side of my face to talk on the phone. The Hi-Call features a speaker and microphone built directly into the glove thumb and pinky so you can literally talk to the hand. To clean them all you have to do is have them dry cleaned. This is way cooler than your bluetooth ear thing.


Ion Tape Dock

I know the new iPhone is coming out later this year, but for all of you who plan on keeping your iPhone 4's you should check out the Tape Dock. This is a pretty cool device that takes all your old mix tapes and demo tapes and imports them to digital files through your iPhone or iPod. The only thing you have to do is plug in your phone, drop in the tape and press play. There is nothing like that quality sound that comes from cassette tapes. <<insert sarcasm here.

Pivot Power Mini

It really blows me away that we as smart humans have not found a new way to deliver power to our houses. Harvey Hubbell invented and patented the common household socket in 1904 and we are still using it today. I don't want to get on a  rant about this antiquated power delivery process, so ill just say check out the Pivot Power Mini. This little plug provides places for your USB devices to live happily alongside your desk lamp. go get one and quit living in 1904 dammit.

DOOMED Skull Shot Glass

For whatever reason I have an affinity for drinking glasses, especially the kind that hold alcohol. I am very picky about which ones i will use. If I owned a bar I would have a special set of the Doomed Skull Shot Glasses for some sort of shot that is served on fire. These things have a very sinister look so I think the drink served in them would need to live up to that vibe.

Hardcore Hammers - Hardcore Hatchets

The makers of the Hardcore Hammers have ventured into the hatchet market with their Hardcore Hatchet. If you're like me you can always use a good chopping tool and these bad boys definitely fit the bill. They feature American hickory handles and American hand forged heads, the coolest part about them is they wont break the bank at $45. So don't be afraid to get out there and hack some shit up with them.