Gloveshot Slingshot

My day wouldn't be complete without a post about some sort of weapon. With that said, this is the Gloveshot Slingshot, the configuration of this bad ass slingshot features a horizontal grip and  woven para cord band for bracing your shot across the back of your hand. The nice thing about this slingshot is this type of brace allows you to bypass many state laws that have outlawed forearm braced slingshots. Dennis the Menace wishes he had access to one of these...

Button 2.0

Your eyes don't deceive you, that is a button that holds your ear-bud cables in place. The generically named Button 2.0 solves one of life's little problems by providing a small groove to snap in your ear-bud cables and help keep them in your ears. This is one of those things that is so simple, but such a good idea, for $3.28 I think its a steal.

Gun Egg Fryer

I like guns, a lot. I like eggs, a lot. It just makes sense that i would want my morning eggs to be shaped like guns. The gun egg fryer is setting the new standard in what it means to be a man, that likes a hearty breakfast, now if i can just get some bacon shaped like tank or an Apache helicopter, i think ill be happy.

Dunhill Chassis Leather Flask

Dunhill is stepping out of the lighter business and looking to upgrade your old pewter flask. The Dunhill Chassis Leather Flask is made out of their proprietary 'Chassis' leather that features a geometric carbon fiber print. This printing process increases its durability and reduces scratches, perfect for an after hours drink in your car.


Crovel Tactical Shovel

Its safe to say I am a sucker for a kick ass tactical shovel, and the Crovel Tactical Shovel is no exception to this fact. The Crovel features a chromoly steel shovel head, threaded hollow steel tubular handle design and a sweet stabbing spike on the end of the handle. This sweet digging machine weighs in at only 3lbs and the handle is wrapped in 15 feet of 550 Paracord. This shovel is made in the USA for use by Americans because only us Americans need a bottle opener on a shovel. Wipe the drool off your keyboard.

MoMA Multigrater

I really love my Microplane cheese grater, unfortunately i can only grate my cheese at one thickness. I'm not saying i'm going to be trading it in any time soon, but if i were in the market for a new grater, I would look closely at the Multigrater from the MoMA. not only does it look like a cool folding pocket knife but it also features 3 cheese grating options for all your cheese grating needs.

Tea Egg

I know what you're thinking, and get your mind out of the gutter. This weird looking thing is known as the Tea Egg. With the cold weather bearing down upon us, everyone will be turning to their warm tasty beverages for salvation, and the Tea egg will help you make that perfect brew. Add your tea leaves to the microphone end of this infuser and stir in hot water, hot tea in just minutes.

The Bobine

I am all about reducing the amount of cables and gear I have to carry on a daily basis. The Bobine charging cable is brought to you by the geniuses over at Photojojo and is a great solution to your tripod and device charging needs.I could see this little cord working great for face time conversations.

Lansky Blademedic

If you love a good serrated edge knife, then you need to arm yourself with the Lansky Blademedic. This little tool will keep your serrated edge looking and cutting like the day you purchased it. This is the ultimate field repair tool for serrated knifes, gut hooks, hunting and fishing knifes. It features a tungsten carbide sharpening surface that will sharpen your tools in just a few quick strokes. Hit the link for all the details.


ORU Origami Folding Kayak

Oru brings new meaning to the word portage with their folding origami kayak. This kayak measures 12 feet in length, weighs in at 25lbs and take 5 minutes to assemble. The fact that this thing folds up into a square allows you to travel more freely with it, you can now hike your boat into the back country and fish that high mountain lake for trout.

Ruckstuhl Wooden Rugs

If you have pets you know how quickly they can destroy your rugs. Ruckstuhl makes what i am calling the new dog and 3 year old area rugs. The modern looking rugs are made of wood and can be easily cleaned and rolled up for moving and storage, the bonus is, they are pretty easy on the wallet, hit the link for sizes and more information.

Prop Power

I know we have all seen those little camera tripods that grab on to things and can be wrapped around things to get the perfect picture. That technology is looking to be brought to all of us weekend wannabe handymen. The Prop Power extension cord features flexible electrical cording encased inside a mold-able plastic housing which allows you to keep the plugs close at hand for easy tool switches, they aren't for sale just yet but check the website soon for availability.


Have you ever left your house for work and wondered if you left the back door unlocked from letting the dog out? This has happened to me more times than i can count. Lockitron is looking to alleviate this problem with their remote door locking mechanism. This little device syncs up with your smart phone and allows you to lock/unlock your doors from anywhere. Other cool features of this little device are, you can add trusted people to a list to allow them access to your house, and it will unlock your door for you as your approach the door.