Minibru Coffe Mug

If you love the french press and the caffeinated goodness that comes from it, you should definitely check out the Minibru Coffee Mug. This is the coolest single serve french press I have seen and i'm sure can be used to concoct all sorts of alcoholic holiday libations.

The Man Tie

If you're considering buying dad a tie for Christmas, you need to get him The Man Tie. This bad ass tie is the first military grade tie, it is water resistant, abrasion resistant and danger proof. I'm sure The Man Tie is the only tie that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Slayer Christmas Holidays Jumper

If you're looking for something to wear to this years company X-mas party, I highly recommend the Slayer Christmas Holidays Jumper. This is the only Christmas sweater that goes well with your ripped tapered jeans, long hair and super white sneakers.

Williams Knife Co.

Christmas is right around the corner and the chef in the family needs a new knife. This year you need to ditch the mass produced Bed Bath and Beyond crap and check out Williams Knife Co. This company makes some of the finest cutlery out there, they incorporate multiple types of fine steel like Damascus and rare woods for the handles. all of them are hand made here in the US and will be the most fought over family heirloom they own.

Kohler Moxie Showerhead

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you are very aware of my affinity for tricked up shower devices. the Kohler Moxie Showerhead is the newest object of my showering affection. This kick ass shower head has a built in blue-tooth enabled speaker system that syncs up with the music device of your choice. This thing takes couples showers to a whole new level, Que. the Slayer discography.

Mixing Mate

We have all been there, all of your edges are taped off and your room is ready for that fresh new coat of paint. You open the paint can only to find that the paint has separated and no amount of stirring will get the color back to its original luster. This is where the Mixing Mate steps in, think of this thing as your personal paint blender. You just clip this device to the paint can and turn the handle on top and you will quickly get back to covering up the nicotine stains and kiddo drawings.


iShower Bluetooth Speaker

I know I've said this before on another post, but showers are so damn boring. Humans need constant entertainment, seeing how most of us cant afford waterproof TV's in our bathrooms, I think the iShower is the perfect showering accessory to shower your ears with the tunes of your choice. This cool little music box syncs up with the blue-tooth device of your choice and streams the tunes to your own private karaoke shower.

The Original Shot Flask

I know what you're thinking, and yes, this is a shot glass built into a flask. The Original Shot Flask is made from stainless steel and comes with a 1yr warranty. This is how true, civilized, gentleman drunks share their flask, perfect for spreading the holiday spirits.

LaCie Cloudbox

I have been reluctant to get on the whole "cloud" bandwagon. Seriously, where is all of my stuff stored and who is making sure it doesn't get lost or hacked? The LaCie Cloudbox takes the cloud and moves it to your desk at home. This little box takes all of your media and files and stores them for you locally, then gives you access to them from any place that has internet access. Not only does this take your data storage out of the hands of the unknown "cloud", but it also eliminates monthly/yearly fees. They are available in 1-3tb so there is plenty of space for most users.

X132 Hellcat Combat

I'm not a huge motorcycle person, but even I know this is one seriously bad ass bike. The Confederate Motorcycles X132 Hellcat Combat takes vintage military and cafe racer esthetics, and puts a modern edge on them. Not only does this bike look tough as hell, but it currently holds the land speed record for v-twin engine motorcycles, with an average speed of 172mph and a top speed of 200mph. This is 2000cc of death speed adrenaline. Maybe ill get one under the Xmas tree this year.



If you are in the market for a new watch that oozes class and quality, you cant go wrong with TSOVET. When I say TSOVET I mean the new SVT-NM85, this watch is beautifully understated with hints of classic military detailing. This is a 50mm watch with a matte gunmetal face plate and matte stainless steel band and bezel. The hands and arms are luminescent and it comes with a 2 year warranty. For the price you cant beat the quality and styling, it also comes in all black if that's more the look you want. 

Eton Boost Turbine 2000

If you aren't aware of the disaster that just hit our east coast, then there is a good chance you are living under a rock or make it a point to avoid all media. For the rest of us, we are all very aware of just how bad shit can get when something like that happens in the areas we live in. I for one rely heavily on my phone for all sorts of things but without power its just a pretty paper weight. The Eton hand crank charger takes your elbow grease and puts a charge on your phone battery. A few cranks on this little device will give you enough talk time for a quick call or some quick text messages. If you put a full charge on this thing, it will fully charge your phone. It has multiple connector types for multiple types of phones and is a must have for your emergency kit.

Box O' Zombies

With The Walking Dead back on TV, and the continued obsession America has with the dead coming back to life, I thought it was appropriate to share these toys with everyone. The Box O' Zombies is a new take on the classic green army men you played with as a kid. These would make a great stocking stuffer for the guy who already has all things zombie and zombie related.

JBL SoundFly Air

Ok, I have to say this is really cool, the JBL SoundFly Air is a small speaker that gets its power from any wall outlet and connects to your device via Bluetooth to play your tunes. This little speaker pumps out about 20watts of sound and has a nifty little app to control it. I could see these being great for impromptu break-dance parties.

Paww - Secret Agent Collar

The Paww Secret Agent Collar provides you the perfect hiding place for your stash. Ok, around your dog's neck might not be the safest place for your valuables but it is a convenient place to stash an extra house key or some gum. Upgrade your dog collar.