Sriracha Lollipop

The Sriracha Lollipop is only for the most adventurous foodie. The Asian ketchup you know and love is now available in candy form for on the go spiciness, get them while they last.

Kyodo LB1500 SpyderEVO

The SpiderEVO is the next step in Skynet becoming self aware in lawn mower form. This is a robot lawn mower, it is completely self sufficient and is equipped with bump sensors to keep it moving. I t has four wheels that are offset so it can make its way over most terrain and can self dock for re-charging. The Spyder is re-defining the meaning of "lazy sunday".
I don't think the Kogeto Dot does much for pocket carry of your iPhone, but it does take sweet really cool 360º panoramic videos using their Looker app. The app also has the ability to link up to your social media account of choice so you can share your videos. Its also nice that this little lens doesn't require any batteries. I highly recommend checking out dotspots, to see this thing in action, very cool stuff.

Trent Grabbit iPad Case

The Grabbit iPad Case is perfect for those companies making the switch to tablets for their employees. The supple leather strap allows for you hand to slide through and secure the iPad to your hand. The hand strap is mounted to a 360º swivel pad that allows you to make the transition from portrait to landscape with a flick of the wrist. I need one for each hand so I can do tricks.

Zuriner - Depth Charge

I don't usually like to link to things that are sold out but this watch is just too freaking sweet looking not to share it with everyone. The Zurnier Depth Charge is a great looking watch with a nice subtle looking face and a solid leather strap. there are a ton of bells and whistles on this thing, ill spare you all the technical mumbo jumbo and let you hit the link and read that stuff for yourself.


Designer First-aid Box

I don't believe that first-aid boxes have ever been sought after as aesthetically pleasing designer elements in your home. This First-aid Box featured on Radius Shop is looking to change that. This box looks good and cleans cuts, mount it above the fire place for quick and easy access.

The Solar Charging iPad Case

The Solar Charging iPad Case is the apocalypse friendly charger to keep you playing Angry Birds well into the fallout from the nuclear winter. This sweet ass case features new technology called organic photovoltaic, that will accept a charge from the sun and man made indoor light. It also features external USB ports to plug in your iPhone or other USB charged devices.


Boombox Pillow Set

The Boombox Pillow Set is perfect for your makeshift office and beat laboratory, just dont touch my drums. They are made from microfiber fabric and filled with polyester so they wont fade when washed, you can also buy them in separate pieces if you just want a couch filled with speakers.

Plantronics BackBeat® GO

I have been waiting for someone to create these ear-buds for a very long time. Plantronics finally has brought us the non-bulky Bluetooth wireless ear-buds, named the BackBeat GO. These buds are small, lightweight and untethered from your mobile device, the feature in-line volume control, track skipping and phone call functionality. I don't own a pair yet so I cannot comment on sound quality but I will hopefully be picking up a pair very very soon.

Schiit LYR Headphone Amplifier

I think the Schiit LYR Headphone Amplifier falls into the "want" category more than the "need" category. This little box with take your Shure ear-buds way past 11. I am going to give you the basics, this thing provides a "Dynamically Adaptive output stage that provides high voltage output into virtually any headphone—up to 6 watts into 32 ohms". That basically translates into, this will make your cheap little iPod headphones cower in fear of being destroyed. Hit the link for all the cool tube pics and specifications, I am not responsible for your damaged hearing.

Braven 625S Bluetooth speaker

I know I post about a lot of cool iPod/iPhone docks on this blog, but the Braven 625S Bluetooth speaker is winning my heart right now. First, I think its important to note, this isn't just a Bluetooth speaker, it also charges your device, acts as a speaker phone for answering calls and has a flashlight, just for kicks. It features a rugged rubberized exterior and comes with a water resistant bag to carry it in. As for the technical info, it features 2 custom HD audio drivers that provide stereo audio amplified by left and right channel passive sub woofers, and a 3w speaker output that will fill any space...oh yeah if your device doesn't have Bluetooth (stupid iPod nano) there is a headphone jack to plug into.

mophie juice pack powerstation® PRO

There are many portable power packs out there but not all are created equal. The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation® PRO stands far apart from the competition. This thing will withstand most of the weekend warrior elements, with a dust rating of IP65, it is completely dust proof with the covers closed. This power pack can also withstand a torrential downpour with its highly water resistant features. This is about the most rugged power pack you can get and its compatible with all of your portable devices including the iPad, and with 6000mAh it will keep you going for days.

The Magic Bar

If you're working on an Apple, chances are, you're typing on their Bluetooth keyboard. If you're typing on their Bluetooth, keyboard chances are you're going through AA batteries like it's going out of style. Get yourself The Magic Bar, this is the worlds first inductive charger for your wireless keyboard. What does this mean for you? Basically no more expensive battery purchases, you simply slide this re-chargeable pack on to your keyboard and re-charge it via the inductive pad. One full charge will last you 10 days. I will definitely be picking one of these up.


Roboreel Portable Cord Reel

The Roboreel is of no relation to Robocop. It does however hold 50ft of cord and will self wind your extension cord via an internal motor with the touch of a button. It can sit on the floor as shown or can be mounted vertically on a wall.

M48 Ranger Hawk Axe with Compass

The M48 Ranger Hawk Axe with Compass is not your typical camping axe, obviously. The head of this axe is made from precision cast 7Cr17 stainless steel and features a large upswept cutting edge for chopping and slicing, the reverse side features a large spike for stabbing purposes. The handle is made from reinforced nylon with 30% fiberglass content and a nylon cord wrapping. It comes with a sheath and a sweet ass compass in case you get lost hunting zombies.

The Only Flameless Grill Smoker

I introduce all of the backyard sultans of the grill to the Flameless Smoker. This kick ass smoker has "s" shaped cut outs on the lid that allow enough oxygen to get in for the wood chips to smolder but not enough oxygen to actually ignite a flame. The smoker is made of 20-gauge 304 steel and can be used on top of coals or on the gas grill.

Bolt Action Tactical Pen

I'm not sure what makes this bad ass pen "tactical" but it is definitely cool looking. The Bolt Action Pen is made from anodized aluminum and features a bolt action to deploy and retract the writing stylus. This clicking from this thing is sure to annoy the person in the cube next to you, lucky its tactical so you can defend yourself when they attack.

SCRABBLE® Coasters in a Tin

Drinking and playing Scrabble naturally go together, now with the Scrabble Coasters you can play it on a large scale. I see plenty of opportunity for drinking games here but ill leave that for you to figure out.


Knuckle Case

The Knuckle Case is the perfect blend of ancient weaponry and modern technology. This iPhone case fits the 4 and 4s and is made of a solid piece of aluminum and they are made in the good ole U.S.A. Knuckle case is not responsible for the havoc you are about to wreak on the community.

Magic Showerhead

I was just thinking the other day how boring my showers are, there's just not enough going on in there, and washing my hair is so mundane. What I really needed was laser water. Enter the Magic Showerhead, this thing will spice up your shower nightlife with several led colors. In all seriousness the colors actually alert you as to how long you have been in the shower to help you save water, and the lights run off the pressure from the water which is pretty cool. Check out the link above!

Stacked Wines

Ditch the corkscrew, throw away your Riedel decanter,  and toss out all of your stem ware, they are officially obsolete. Stacked Wines has made the perfect glass of wine that is great tasting, easy to open and perfectly portable. Each glass contains 187ml of wine and a 4-pack has the same volume, 750 ml, as a traditional bottle of wine. Pick one up and take your wine to-go!

Titanium Kung Foon

For all of my camping friends out there that still like to eat in style, you need to pick up the Titanium Kung Foon. This titanium spork has been modified to accept chopsticks (or regular sticks) in its handle. This feature turns your spork into a long handled stirring utensil which is perfect for those big bags or re-hydrated steak.


API Doggie Fountain F-1

With Summer quickly approaching its important to keep our furry friends hydrated. If you are tired of filling up that water bowl, then pick up the  API Doggie Fountain F-1. This may take a little bit of training on your end to teach your dog to press on the release pad, but the time will be well spent. This device hooks up to any standard garden hose and provides non-stop fresh water for your pup. Just pray, your dog doesn't figure out how to lay on it and get an impromptu shower like mine.

p.s. sorry about the link to Amazon, i usually like to link directly to the manufacturer site, but could not find it for this item.

Japanese Ice Pick

Williams Sonoma brings you the Japanese Ice Pick. This gorgeous addition to your bar setup is actually made in Japan of stainless steel measures roughly 7" long and has a nice sharp spike for breaking up huge blocks of ice. This ice pick also has a nice size stainless steel head on it for smashing ice with a more blunt approach.

The Hultafors wrecking bar 209

If you are like me, you love to smash and break stuff. Its one of those manly things that has been around since the dawn of time. Believe it or not, the crow bar is one of the oldest tools in the tool box and has gone unchanged for hundreds of years. Hultafors saw room for improvement and did so with the Wrecking Bar 209. The Wrecking Bar is made of high strength steel and features an articulated claw, adjustable to nine different positions. This might be the most comfortable crowbar you will ever use, go pick one up and display it above the fireplace in the living room.

Rayban Folding Wayfarer

Ok, I have been on a Wayfarer kick the last few weeks. The iconic Wayfarer is synonymous with the warmth of summer, the beach and classic cool (see Risky Business). Rayban has taken their classic frames and kicked them up a notch by making them fold-able. Yes, I said fold-able. Now when you make the transition from the beach to the beach side cabana after sundown you can take your Wayfarers and fold them up for easy pocket storage. Very cool idea..


Rice Cube

Let me start with this statement, I love sushi. I like the perfection and the attention to detail that seems to be put into every little detail of this type of food. So its only natural that the Rice Cube would appeal to that same sense of design perfection in me. The Rice Cube allows you to mix and match all kinds of ingredients and press them into perfect little cubes for bite sized awesomeness. This sushi maker is probably the coolest, and easiest to use item you will have in your kitchen. Hit the link for the how-to video you will be wanting one just like me.

Mantis BK-3B Bottleneck Knife

Mantis Knifes makes some of the most unique looking knifes I have seen and they are now bringing you guys the BK-3B Bottleneck balisong bottle opener knife. Mantis has teamed up with Hawk Designs of Idaho City, ID. to bring you the first 50 state legal balisong knife (thanks to the bottle opener). The blade is made from 440 stainless and features a tanto style edge. The BK-3B has a clip for pocket storae or can easily be attached to a keychain, for $40 this is a steal.

Yoder Pellet Smokers

Yoder Smokers pretty much set the standard for BBQ competition grade cooking. The Yoder Pellet Smokers are no exception to this understanding. The cooking surface on this bad boy ranges from 480-640 square inches with 12 inches of headroom which will be plenty of space for that beer can turkey or that whole hog you shot on the ranch today. With this grill you can slow cook meats, bake pizza and even boil water, its the self proclaimed "Swiss army knife of backyard cooking"..its time to pass down your old Webber to your son and upgrade to the true tools of the trade.